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Battlefield Trails - Revolutionary War

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Valiantly defended by the 5th New York, Lamb's Artillery and local militia under Gen. George Clinton against heavy British-led forces October 6, 1777.
Beneath these cliffs, Henry Hudson's Half-Moon was welcomed by the Lenni Lenape Indians on September 3, 1609. Nearly 167 years later, this giant Bluff Rock became a strategic stronghold in the American War for Independence as the conflict raged within vi…
Fortification was begun in June of 1776, and the name Mount Independence was bestowed following the Declaration of Independence. Lieut. Col. Jeduthan Baldwin was the chief construction engineer. Here the exhausted American Army, Northern Department, was sta…
South Inscription:The Congress of the United Stateshas caused this Monument to beerected on the site of the Battle of Cowpensas a testimonial to the valor andin appreciation of the services ofthe American Troops on this field inbehalf of The Independence of…
On the night of July 15-16, 1779, Brigadier General Anthony Wayne of Pennsylvania led the American Light Infantry in a midnight assault against a British force that had occupied Stony Point. Approximately one hour later, the garrison had been captured by tw…
Laid out in 1771 by the engineer John Montror. Heroically held by the Americans under British siege until they were forced out, Nov. 15, 1777. Rebuilt 1798-1800 according to L'Enfant's design and enlarged in the 19th century. A U.S. military post until the …
These Memorial Grounds commemorate the engagement in the Revolutionary War known as the Paoli Massacre, an attack by the British Army on American troops, that took place near this spot toward midnight of September 20, 1777. About 150 American soldiers were …
To commemorate the victory of King's Mountain October 7, 1780 Erected by the government of the United States To the establishment of which the heroism and patriotism of those who participated in this battle so largely contributed
In July 1779, after raiding the settlement of Minisink, Loyalists and Native Americans under Mohawk Chief Joseph Brant ambushed and pursued Orange County and New Jersey militia. Revolutionary War Heritage Trail
Battle IslandSceneOf the Defeat ofCol. Wm CrawfordJune 5. & 6. 1782