The Trenton War Memorial

The Trenton War Memorial (HM27B)

Location: Trenton, NJ 08608 Mercer County
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Country: United States of America
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N 40° 13.101', W 74° 46.125'

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(On the Rededication Marker):
Restored and rededicated by the people of New Jersey in honor of all those from this state who served with courage, dignity, and patriotism in the armed forces of the United States of America
Our land is dearer for their sacrifices
Christine Todd Whitman, Governor
Donald T. Difrancesco, President of the Senate
Jack Collins, Speaker of the General Assembly
January 12, 1999

(Inscription over Front Porch):
To the soldiers and sailors and other patriotic citizens of Trenton and Mercer County as a memorial of their faithful services in times of national need

(Name Plaque on Porch (Left Front)):
In affectionate memory of the citizens of Trenton and Mercer County who made the supreme sacrifice for freedom in the World War

William Ammison, Private, 43rd Co., 154th Depot Brigade, U.S.A. · John R. Arcioni, Private, Company M, 348th Infantry, U.S.A. · John E. Armstrong, Private, Headquarters Co., 309th Inf., U.S.A. · Frank Martin Backes, Private, 1st Cl., Sanitary Det., 113th Inf., U.S.A. · Hobart A.H. Baker, Captain, Aviation Section, Signal Corps, U.S.A. · George H. Barlow, Private, 1st Class, Co. E, 114th Infantry, U.S.A. · Frederick Baumann, Priv., 37th Co., 10th Batt., 153 Depot Brig., U.S.A. · Raymond Bergen, Fireman, 3rd Class, U.S.N. · Harvey C. Bloom, Private, Private, company E,148th Infantry, U.S.A · Spencer Bloor, Corporal, Company C, 104th Engineers, U.S.A. · Stanislaw Borysewicz, Private, Co. 7, 153rd Depot Brig., U.S.A. · Pietro Bovino, Private, Company L, 348th Infantry, U.S.A. · Howard S. Boyer, Chief Quartermaster, Aviation Detach., U.S.N. · Chester E. Brandt, Private, Company A, 148th Infantry, U.S.A. · Frank Brower, Private, 1st Class, Company E, 113th Infantry, U.S.A. · Robert Brown, Private, Company D, Replacement Draft, U.S.A. · Joseph S. Brusnahan, Corporal, Co. G, 30th Infantry, U.S.A. · John Burkes, Private, 1st Cl., Company G, 26th Infantry, U.S.A. · Arthur Bush, Seaman, 2nd Class, U.S.N. · Donald J. Cadwallader, Sergeant, Co. G, 311th Infantry, U.S.A. · William Aloysius Cahill, Private, Co. C., Postal Exp. Service, U.S.A. · George Christopher Callahan, Priv., 1st Cl., Sup. Co., 113th Inf., U.S.A. · Walter E. Callen, Private 1st Class, Co. C, 398th Infantry, U.S.A. · Luigi Caporusso, Private, Company H, 309th Infantry, U.S.A. · Gonaldo Carantella, Private, Company M, 311th Infantry, U.S.A. · James J. Carlucci, Sergeant, Company G, 30th Infantry, U.S.A. · Austin P. Carter, Private, Headquarters Co., 309th Inf., U.S.A. · James Harry Cartwright, Priv., School Aerial Photography, U.S.A. · Joseph J. Cassidy, Private, 1st Cl., Co. C, 111th Mach. Gun Batt., U.S.A. · Giovanni Cavallo, Private, Company K, 148th Infantry, U.S.A. · William C. Chapman, Jr., Priv., Co. A, 308th Mach. Gun Batt., U.S.A. · Thomas Chapple, Priv., 34th Co., 9th Traing Batt., 153rd Dep. Brig., U.S.A. · Russell Cheatle, Private, 1st Class, Battery C, 21st F. A., U.S.A. · Oriste Cioccolini, Private, Co. B, 52nd Pioneer Infantry, U.S.A. · Henry H. Clayton, Private, Co. C, 111th Machine Gun Battalion, U.S.A. · Guiseppe Clivi, Private, Co. K, 7th Engineers Training Regt., U.S.A. · Ralph Cohen, Private, 1st Class, Company M, 327th Infantry, U.S.A. · Raffaele Colapicchioni, Private, Company H, 311th Infantry, U.S.A. · Dominick F. Collucci, private, Company H, 348th Infantry, U.S.A. · Daniel Commini, Private, Company C, 398th Infantry, U.S.A. · Charles Crozer Conard, Private, Sanitary Detach., 113th Inf., U.S.A. · William A. Connell, Priv., Battery C, 57th Art., Coast Corps, U.S.A. · Joseph Conners, Corporal, Headquarters Co., 309th Inf., U.S.A. · Katherine Connolly, Nurse, Army Nurse Corps, U.S.A. · Frank Conway, Priv., 1st Cl., H'dq's Co., 313th Field Remount Sq'd'n, U.S.A. · John Costigan, Fireman, 2nd Class, U.S.S. Peter H. Crowell, U.S.N. · William Cowell, Private, Headquarters Co., 309th Infantry, U.S.A. · Malcolm B. Crichton, Sergeant, Co. E, 113th Infantry, U.S.A. · William Cubberley, Priv., Co. C, 15th mach. Gun Batt., U.S.A.

(Name Plaque on Porch (Left Back)):
In affectionate memory of the citizens of Trenton and Mercer County who made the supreme sacrifice for freedom in the World War

Edward F. Cudney, Private, 1st Class, —- Infantry, U.S.A. · John Czesnulewicz, Private, Company H, 311th Infantry, U.S.A. · James Daisley, Private, Company E, 23rd Infantry, U.S.A. · George W. Dancer, Private, Battery A., 309th Fld. Art., U.S.A. · Mitchell A. Davis, Priv., 1st Cl., Headq'rs. Co., 349th Field Art., U.S.A. · Frank R. Delaney, Sergeant, Quartermaster Corps, N.J.N.G. · George William Dell, Private, Headq'rs. Co., 18th Infantry, U.S.A. · Benjamin Dempsey, Private, Co. A, 111th Mach. Gun Battalion, U.S.A. · Preston L. Dewey, Private, Company E, 2nd Infantry, N.J.N.G. · John F. Diamond, Corporal, 23rd Co., 153rd Depot Brigade, U.S.A. · Russell B. Dilts, Sergeant, Motor Truck No. 537, U.S.A. · James Disbrow, Private, Supply Co., 333rd Q'm. Corps, U.S.A. · William Joseph Dorsey, United States Marine Corps · Harold M. Drake, Sergeant, Company E, 115th Infantry, U.S.A. · Louis Driniani, private, Company L, 72nd Infantry, U.S.A. · Michael Duda, Private, Company E, 26th Infantry, U.S.A. · Maryan E. Dymowski, Private, Company -, —-th Infantry, U.S.A. · John Eannucci, Seaman, 2nd Class, U.S.S. Ticonderoga, U.S.N. · Edolph Eskart, Private, 1st Class, Co. D, 16th Infantry, U.S.A. · John William Fay, Seaman, 2nd Class, U.S.N. · William Ferry, Seaman, 2nd Class, U.S.N. · John H. Flannery, Priv., 1st Cl., Co. A, 12th Batt., U.S. Guard Phila. PA. · Lewis Forman, Priv., Medical Dept., Med. Replacement Unit 24, U.S.A. · Anthony D. Frascello, Private, Detachment of Chauffeurs, U.S.A. · Edgar C. Frisbie, Priv., 1st Cl., Headq'rs. Co., 311th Infantry, U.S.A. · Dallas C. Gaines, Private, 153rd Depot Brigade, U.S.A. · Grover A. Gardner, Musician, 1st Cl., Headq'rs Co., 115th Inf., U.S.A. · Charles Peter Gary, Wagoner, Bat. A. 309th Field Artillery, U.S.A. · Charles J. Gebert, Jr., Private, Overseas Casual. Co. —-. U.S.A. · Roland C. Gifford, Private, 361st Aero Squadron, U.S.A. · Samuel Gillan, Private, Company I, 148th Infantry, U.S.A. · Israel R. Hart, Mechanic, Company E, 311th Infantry, U.S.A. · Lester S. Harter, 1st Lieutenant, 11th Aerial Squadron, U.S.A. · Louis B. Hayden, Private, 1st Cl., Company L, 316th Infantry, U.S.A. · James J. Hewitt, Corporal, Company A, 326th Infantry, U.S.A. · Stanley West Higgins, Private, Battery B, 18th Field Art., U.S.A. · Henry F. Hollis, Jr., 2nd Lieutenant, Aero Service Aeronautics, U.S.A. · Edward R. Hough, Private, Headquarters Co., 311th Infantry, U.S.A. · Laurence Willis Hutchinson, 1st lt. H'dq'rs. Co., 72nd Art., U.S.A. · Herbert Janzlik, Private Co. G, Harvard Unit, S.A.T. Corps, U.S.A. · Martin Jaroni, Private, 1st Class, Company C, 6th Engineers, U.S.A. · Albert Jianfrancesco, Priv., Co. C, 111th Mach. Gun Battalion, U.S.A. · John Anderson Johnston, Captain, Medical Corp., U.S.A. · Robert Kane, Private, Battery E, 350th Field Artilery, U.S.A. · Richard R. Kelly, Private, Company E, 39th Infantry, U.S.A. · Oscar Knudsen, Private, 1st Cl., Company F, 327th Infantry, U.S.A. · Jan Kobusz, Private, Company G, 328th Infantry, U.S.A. · William Kovncky, Private, Company L, 148th Infantry, U.S.A. · Frank Kowalski, Private, Company B, 18th Infantry, U.S.A.

(Name Plaque on Porch (Right Back)(:
In affectionate memory of the citizens of Trenton and Mercer County who made the supreme sacrifice for freedom in the World War

Procopy Krivosky, Private, 1-3rd Depot Brigade, U.S.A. · Clarence Laird, Sergeant, Company E, 311th Infantry, U.S.A. · Thomas Laughrey, Private, Company K, 146th Infantry, U.S.A. · Herman Henry Ley, Boatswains Mate, 2nd Class, U.S.N. · Joseph R. Logue, Private, 1st Cl., Co. B, 15th Battalion, U. S. Guard · Philip London, Private, Co. C, 112th Field Signal Battalion, U.S.A. · Harry F. Longmore, Private, Company M, 348th Infantry, U.S.A. · James B. Longmore, Private, 37th Co., 153rd Depot Brigade, U.S.A. · George Dewey Lucas, Seaman, U.S.S. Kansas, U.S.N. · Louis A. Lundin, Private, 1st Cl., Headq'rs. Co., 22nd Infantry, U.S.A. · John MacLean Magie, Captain, Q'm. Corps, Depot Ba—, Sec—, U.S.A. · Edward William Malone, Quartermaster, 2nd Class, U.S.N. · Garibaldi Massaroni, Priv., 1st Cl., Co. B, 13th Batt., U.S. Guard · Alfred G. Massey, Mechanic, Co. G, 4th Pioneer Infantry, U.S.A. · Raymond G. Masterson, Private, Co. M, 348th Infantry, U.S.A. · Joseph Materna, Private, Battery F, 76th Field Artillery, U.S.A. · William O. McConnell, Private, Company I, 26th Infantry, U.S.A. · Edward M. McCue, Private, Battery D, 310th Field Artillery, U.S.A. · William E. McDermott, Private, Battery F, 112th Field Art., U.S.A. · Charles McLaughlin, Priv., Co. A, 111th mach. Gun Battalion, U.S.A. · John William McVeigh, Private, Co. D, 117th Engineers, U.S.A. · James E. Mernon, Priv., 1st Cl., 2nd Co., 103rd Military Police, U.S.A. · John J. Mernon, Private, 153rd Depot Brigade, U.S.A. · Aurelio Mezzi, Private, Company H, 311th Infantry, U.S.A. · Bruno J. Modreska, Sergeant, Battery C, 15th Field Art., U.S.A. · Samuel Morfi, Private, 1st Cl., Company E, 23rd nfantry, U.S.A. · Joshua J. Mosley, Private, Company C, 25th Infantry, U.S.A. · Max Muller, Musician, 3rd Cl., 17th Band Coast Art. Corps, U.S.A. · Peter Murray, Private, 1st Cl., Company B, 311th Infantry, U.S.A. · Joseph Nalbone, Private, Company L, 128th Infantry, U.S.A. · Lawrence Nevins, Private, Company B, 50th Infantry, U.S.A. · James A, Newell, Private, Company I, 328th Infantry, U.S.A. · Emmett M. Noble, Private, Battery C, 33rd Field artillery, U.S.A. · Frank Noisky, Private, Battery C, 18th Field Artillery, U.S.A. · Walter Nutt, Private, Headquarters Co., 50th Artillery, U.S.A. · Elkins Oliphant, 1st Lieutenant, Co. B, 119th Infantry, U.S.A. · Blaze Louis Olivetti, Private, Company M, 311th Infantry, U.S.A. · William Owens, Jr., Fireman, 1st Cl., U.S.S. President Lincoln, U.S.N. · Edward R. Palmer, S'g't., Co. B, 1st Military Police, 1st Division, U.S.A. · Philip Alexander Parkinson, Fireman, 2nd Cl., U.S.S. Aloha, U.S.N. · Angelo Pecoroni, Private, 1st Class, Co. M, 311th Infantry, U.S.A. · Howard Penn, Private, Company I, 59th Pioneer Infantry, U.S.A. · Olaf Axel Peterson, Company D, 13th Regiment, U.S.M.C. · William Pitrowicz, Private, Company F, 38th Infantry, U.S.A. · Samuel T. Platt, Jr., Private, Company I, 147th Infantry, U.S.A. · Howard Malcolm Poland, Ord. S'g't, Ord. Det., 104th Engr's, U.S.A. · Arthur Preyer, 2nd Lt., 3rd Aviation Instruction Center H'dq'rs., U.S.A. · Samuel Price, Private, Company B, 166th Infantry, U.S.A. · Filiberto Privato, Private, Company B, 110th Infantry, U.S.A.

(Name Plaque on Porch (Right Front)):
In affectionate memory of the citizens of Trenton and Mercer County who made the supreme sacrifice for freedom in the World War

Albert Leroy Provost, Priv., 38th Co., 10th Batt., 153rd Depot, U.S.A. · Louis Ranucci, Private, Company K, 111th Infantry, U.S.A. · John H. Real, Re-. S'g't major, H'dq'rs. Detachment, 78th Div., U.S.A. · Harry A. Reading, Sergeant, Company -, 311th Infantry, U.S.A. · John F. Reed, Corporal, Headquarters Company, 311th Inf., U.S.A. · Charles M. Reisner, Private, Battery C, 307th Field Artllery, U.S.A. · Charles William Robinson, M.A., 3rd Cl., U.S.S. Buena Ventura, U.S.N. · Edward C. Robinson, Private, 1st Class, Co. F, 311th Infantry, U.S.A. · William T. Roche, Priv,, 36th Co., 9th Batt., 153rd Depot Brig., U.S.A. · John W. Ross, Priv., Co. 51, 13th Training Batt., 153rd Depot Brig., U.S.A. · Ignacy Rudewicz, Private, Company D, 147th Infantry, U.S.A. · Frederick Charles Sandoff, Corporalm Co. B. 30th Inf., U.S.A. · George L. Scanlon, Priv., Ordnance Det., 111th Mach. Gun Batt., U.S.A. · Elmer Schrader, Sergeant, Co. D, 8th Mach. Gun Battalion, U.S.A. · David Hunter Scott, Lieut. Col., H'dq'rs. Detachment 27th Div., U.S.A. · Martin Scymansky, Horseshoer, Battery D, 6th Field Art., U.S.A. · Herman Carl Seitz, Priv., 43rd Co., 11th Batt., 154th Depot Brig., U.S.A. · John C. Shaffer, Private, Company B, 2nd Infantry, N.J.N.G. · Frank Sidders, Corporal, Headquarters Co., 5th Regiment, U.S.M.C. · Charles Sier, Private, Company E, 311th Infantry, U.S.A. · Charles J. Smith, Private, 1st Class, Company E, 113th Infantry, U.S.A. · George L. Smith, Private, Company E, 104th Infantry, U.S.A. · Sylvester J. Smith, Sergeant, Company I, 30th Infantry, U.S.A. · Walter H. Smith, Private, Battery F, 310th Field Art., U.S.A. · Elisha Kelley Snodgrass, M.E. Jr. Grade, 4th Batt., 23 Eng'rs., U.S.A. · Chester M. Southwick, Corporal, Company B, 4th Infantry, U.S.A. · Mae H. Sullivan, Nurse, Army Nurse Corps, Gen. Hospital No. 11, U.S.A. · Joseph E. Sweeney, Private, Battery A, 303rd Field Art., U.S.A. · Arthur Richmond Taber, 1st Lieutenant, Air Service, U.S.A. · August F. Tafs, Private, 1st Class, Co. E, 327th Infantry, U.S.A. · Russell J. Terradell, Corporal, Company K, 61st Infantry, U.S.A. · Clarence W. Terry, Private, Company E, 311th Infantry, U.S.A. · John Harry Thompson, Priv., 25th Co., 7th Batt., 151st Depot Br., U.S.A. · Giovani Valenza, Private, Company E, 148th Infantry, U.S.A. · Harry S. VanKirk, Private, Company A, 502nd Engineers, U.S.A. · Harry H. VanMarter, Priv., 1st Cl., Battery A. 307th Field Art., U.S.A. · Robert Bruce Volk, Private, 1st Cl., Co. C, 104th Engineers, U.S.A. · Matilda F. Wells, Nurse, Army Nurse Corps, U.S.A. · John H. Westcott, Jr., Private, 1st Class, Co. L, 107th INF., n.y.n.g. · Russel Wilcox, Corporal, Company I, 107 Infantry, U.S.A. · George Williams, Private, Squadron D, U,S.A. · Theophilus L. Wishart, Corporal, United State Marine Corps · William Eggert Woolverton, Fireman, 3rd Class, U.S.N. · James Lester Worden, Seaman, 2nd Class, U.S.N. · Henry Higbee Worthington, Captain, Co. L, 9th Infantry, U.S.A. · John Zucek, Private, 41st Company, 153rd Depot Brigade, U.S.A. · Alexander S. Zygmont, Private, Co. I, 1st Batt., 153rd Depot Br., U.S.A.
HM NumberHM27B
Year Placed1932
Placed ByThe State of New Jersey
Marker ConditionNo reports yet
Date Added Saturday, September 6th, 2014 at 10:04pm PDT -07:00
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Locationbig map
UTM (WGS84 Datum)18T E 519676 N 4452018
Decimal Degrees40.21835000, -74.76875000
Degrees and Decimal MinutesN 40° 13.101', W 74° 46.125'
Degrees, Minutes and Seconds40° 13' 6.06" N, 74° 46' 7.50" W
Driving DirectionsGoogle Maps
Area Code(s)609
Closest Postal AddressAt or near 16-26 Memorial Dr, Trenton NJ 08608, US
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