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The Lynching of Anthony Crawford In Abbeville on Saturday, October 21, 1916, a white mob lynched a black leader named Anthony Crawford for cursing a white man. A 56-year-old planter, "Grandpa" Crawford owned 427 acres of land, had 13 children, an…
Front: This house, built ca. 1786, is thought to be the oldest house in Abbeville. It was built as a two-story log building by John Quay, who also ran a tavern here. He sold it ca. 1798 to James Wardlaw (1767-1842) and his wife, Quay's stepdaught…
Colonial Block House A "block house," a log building on a stone foundation, stood SE on Parker Creek from ca. 1767 into the 1850's. It was built by Andrew Pickens (1759-1817), later a militia general in the American Revolution, a state representat…
This tablet was placed hereto commemoratethe last meeting of theConfederate States Cabinetwhich was held in the Burt House near bydirectly in front of this stone. The following cabinet members were present:Jefferson Davis, PresidentJudah P. Ben…
[Front]:This cemetery, sometimes called Upper Long Cane Cemetery, dates from 1760. It includes the graves of some of the most prominent families of this area from the Colonial era to the present. The first marked grave is the field stone of John L…
In 1775, William Bartram visitedseveral days at "Lough-Abber"home of A. Cameron, en routenorth to the Cherokee country.
This LivingLegacy wasPlanted toCommemorate theBicentennialof the Signing ofthe United StatesConstitution1787-1987
This Parson's MountainRecreation Center isDedicated to the Memory ofthe Men of Abbeville County,Who Gave Their Lives in WorldWar II, 1941 — 1945, for theFreedom of Mankind.
At 832 feet, Parsons Mountain holds the title of the highest point in the general geographic area surrounding Parsons Mountain. Mr. James Parsons, the mountain's namesake, acquired it through a land grant in 1772. In the mid 1800s, gold was discov…
[4-H Symbol]In Memory ofMarie Cromer SeiglerNative ofAbbeville CountyFounder of 4-H1883 - 1964