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In Memory of Those Who Made the Supreme Sacrifice in World War II Sherman Redman · Lee Wadda · Gordon E. Burt · Elwin Elmer · George W. Antelope · Claude Goggles · William Trosper · …
The Great Shoshone Chief, a skilled hunter, strategist, and warrior against his tribal enemies was noted for his friendship towards the white man. He united his people. He was born about 1804 and died February 20, 1900. Shoshone Indian Reservation…
This cemetery is named for the Shoshone woman who became an invaluable guide, interpreter and translator to the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Fifteen year old Sacajawea accompanied her husband, fur trader Charbonneau, when he joined the Corps of …
This tablet is erected to the memory of The Right Rev. George Maxwell Randall, D.D. Bishop of Colorado, Wyoming, and New Mexico. Born Nov. 23, 1810. Died Sept. 28, 1873. Who held his last service in this building on its former site at Wind …
Burial Register on File at Roberts Mission Pages 114-115 Day: 1884 · Date: April 9 · No.: 10 · Names: Bazil's Mother (Shoshone) · Age BCC: 100 · Residence: Shoshone Agency · Cause of Death: Old…
Sacred to the Memory of Mrs. Maggie Richards and Mrs. Hall Pioneer White Settlers Killed July 23rd, A.D. 1873 by a raiding band of hostile Sioux Indians in their ranch home on the site of the present city of Lander, Wyoming
This school was founded by the Reverend John Roberts. Born in Wales, in 1853, Roberts was for 66 years a missionary to the Shoshones. "Our hope is in the children and the young people, the old people can't hear!" So spoke Washakie, Chief of Sho…
(Three monuments are treated here as one marker:) Sacajawea Died April 9, 1894 A guide with the Lewis and Clark Expedition 1805-1806 Identified, 1907 by Rev. J. Roberts who officiated at her burial Dedicated in the memory of Bapt…
Guide of the Lewis and Clark Expedition 1805 Grave 2 miles west ➳
Built in 1869. A Refuge for Women and Children in Times of Danger.