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"Lord Baltemore's Guift" Deeded 1713
In 1713 Charles Calvert, third Lord Baltimore gave to his wife, Margaret 10,000 acres known as My Lady's Manor. In 1731, Thomas Brerewood was engaged to manage the land. During the Revolution the property was confiscated by Maryland and in 1782 so…
Surveyed April, 1705 for Charles Carroll, Lord Baltimore's Attorney-General of his Province of Maryland 1688. In 1822 Henry Carroll, Great-great Grandson of Charles Carroll built Clynmalira house.
Sometimes called "Lord Baltimore's Gift"Surveyed 26 August, 1713and granted by Charles 2d Lord Baltimoreto his fourth and last consort Margaret,Baroness of Baltimore, Daughter ofThomas Charleton of Hexham, Esq.,with all the prerogatives of a manor…
Established 1750 as a Chapel of Ease in the Parish of St. John's of Joppa. In a brick chapel 60 x 30 feet, now the transept, was finished on this site "in the fork of the Gunpowder River" at the cost of 790 pounds. In 1770 by Act of the Maryland A…
"Lord Baltemore's Guift" Deeded 1713
Henry Scarff acquired land here about 1747 and soon built a four-room house. Descendants added the three story center section by 1849. Harvey S. Ladew bought the house and property known as Pleasant Valley Farm from a Scarff descendant in 1929. La…