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Aria Cultural District Lofts. -Historic Landmark-. Aria Cultural District Lofts Originally, Gerber Carriage Company Rutan & Russell, Architects, 1904-05. var plainText = document.getElementById('inscription1').innerText; …
Standard Chemical Company. . Founded here by brothers J.J. and Joseph Flannery in 1913, it was the first commercial producer of radium in the US. Radium production was the earliest nuclear industry. Discoverer Marie Curie visited the laboratory in…
Maria Sklodowska Curie. . In commemoration of Maria Sklodowska Curie A Polish scientist Discoverer of Radium and Polonium Conferred Degree of Doctor of Laws By the University of Pittsburgh on May 26th, 1921 Inspecting facilities of Standar…
You are now standing in the Biergarten. Originally, this served as the area where horse-drawn carriages would drop off and pick up beer barrels. Look up at the windows and notice the remnants of iron hinges where shutters once hung, as well as bri…
Eberhardt & Ober Brewing Co. brewed beers in accordance with the German beer purity law. Current home of Penn Brewery. 16. E & O Brewery 800 Vinial Street -1884-
Before refrigeration became commonplace, breweries chilled, or "lagered" their beer in deep tunnel or caves. The entire hillside behind Penn Brewery is riddled with an extensive network of lagering caves. Refrigeration was not introduced at the si…
In 1884, George Westinghouse drilled a natural gas well here on his estate, Solitude, now Westinghouse Park. When gas was struck, an uncontrolled geyser erupted for a week. Within two years, Westinghouse obtained over 30 patents for the distributi…
Born near Harrisburg, Girty crossed cultural boundaries between native and white societies. He was captured and adopted by Seneca Indians in 1756. Upon his release, he settled here with his family. He worked as an interpreter for the British and A…
The Homewood Cemetery Incorporated 1878
This building marks the site of the hotel where Lafayette lodged from May 30 to June 1, 1825 on his tour as the nation's guest. The tavern was known as the Mansion House and was removed about 1838.
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