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National Registerof Historic Places By the United StatesDepartment of the Interior
A well-known Tucson architect, H. O. Jaastad, designed this imposing neo-classical revival structure in 1920. Snell & Harvey of Phoenix erected the building for around $50,000. The concrete foundation is capped by brick construction. Two terra cot…
This monument commemorates the sesquicentennial celebration (1847 - 1997) of the Mormon pioneers' arrival into the Salt Lake Valley. The following groups are recognized for their contribution to the settlement of this Gila Valley. Native Americans…
Since Graham County's formation in 1881 the courthouse had been relocated four times. It had been housed in an adobe structure in Safford, two sites in Solomonville, and the Rig's Building on Main Street when the county seat was returned to Saffor…
Safford City Hall started life as a school building. Safford School System bids for the North Ward School were opened in February 1898. The contract was awarded to R. A. Smith Jr. and John Morris. The new building was ready for the fall term in Se…
In Memory OfHoratio Harris MerrillBorn January 3, 1837And his daughterEliza Ann MerrillBorn July 27, 1881Who, while traveling by team and wagon from Pima, Arizona to Clifton, Arizona, were ambushed and killed by Indians with rifles, December 3, 18…
In Memory of two of themany pioneers who broughtlaw, order and safety tothe Gila Valley.Lorenzo and Seth Wrightwere killed 1 mile north ofthis spot by Indians whohad stolen 45 horses fromearly settlers.While pursuing the Indians theywere ambushed …
In 1845 General Kearney'sArmy of the WestGuided by Kit Carsonfollowed the Gila River fromNew Mexico to the occupationof California in the MexicanWar, thus opening thesouthern snowfree route tothe Pacific Coast.