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This community of 365 homes is named after a quaint town in England, its streets after surrounding villages, in recognition of the villagers' kindness to the 388th Bomb Group, USAAF, during World War II.
Some of the finest Thoroughbred horses in the country lived in the stable to your left. Horses with names such as "Grey Medely," "Post Boy" and "Turkahoe" enhanced the reputation and purses of their owners. As founding members of the Baltimore Joc…
This land was once part of one of the largest estates in Maryland—-and one of the most impressive. The Ridgley family owned Hampton Plantation for more than 200 years, and their home and many farm buildings have changed little since the mid-…
These two stone buildings, which replaced earlier log structures, housed slaves before the Civil War. After the abolition of slavery, they provided quarters for plantation and farm workers
Dedicated to the Citizens of Baltimore County Who Served Their Nation in Southeast Asia 1957 - 1975 In Memory of Those Who Gave Their Lives Harvey C. K. A. Au Charles J. Armstrong Leland Bailey James H. Baker, Jr. Larry M. Barnhill …
There is Glory enough for all. Schley July 3, 1898 You may fire when you are ready Gridley Dewey, May 1, 1898 Captured at Manila, May 1, 1898 Received at Towson, May 1, 1903 Donated by the U.S. Government Through Wm Tyler Pace
This gated cemetery, where generations of Ridgleys are buried, is still in use by the family. Feel free to enter and walk among the tombstones and monuments, but show proper respect. Notice the family vault at center, the names and inscriptions on…
Northampton Iron Furnace, operating from 1761 to about 1830 approximately a mile north of here, played a significant role in the War of 1812. Part of the prosperous Hampton estate, the foundry's workforce was made up primarily of enslaved African-…
Nathan Towson, born 1784 in the area named for his family, served in the U.S. Army for 42 years. He enlisted in 1812 when war with Britain seemed imminent. As an artillery captain, Towson distinguished himself in nearly every major engagement on t…
From this part of the farm, you have an ideal view of the Ridgely mansion. The imposing structure on the hill would have inspired different emotions among the various people on the estate. The Ridgelys owned many farms, scattered across thousands…