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Built in 1892, this school was part of a movement to create schools for the education of black students by black teachers, and is representative of the national struggle for equal education, regardless of race. Named in memory of James Smallwood, …
Site of shop where, in 1831, Davis designed and built first coal-burning locomotive steam engine in United States, called "The York." Here, also, was built "The Codorus," first iron steamboat made in America.
The old county prison stood on this site from about 1750-1855. In early years of the Revolution, prominent British prisoners of war were held here.
Built in 1860 by Charles Billmeyer, railroad car manufacturer. Noted for its hand-painted ceiling and exquisite interior ornamentation, building is outstanding example of mansion-type Victorian architecture.
A signer of the Declaration of Independence, delegate to Continental Congress, Colonel of Associators, lawyer and ironmaster, lies buried in this churchyard.
Old bell originally hung in Provincial Courthouse; now in the vestibule of this church. Announced the signing of Declaration of Independence and sessions of Congress when it met in York.
A center for Friends' activities since 1766. It is the oldest existing house of worship in York. The eastern part of the building was erected in 1766; the western part about 1783.
A rare example of early Germanic, half timber architecture, the building was originally constructed by Martin Eichelberger during the earliest days of Yorktown settlement, (c. 1741). It served as a tavern during colonial times & long thereafter.
fromSeptember 30, 1777 to June 27, 1778The Articles of Confederationwere adopted hereNovember 15, 1777with the nameThe United States of America
Near this site, Captain Michael Doudel's company of York County riflemen mustered on July 24, 1775. Prior to their 600-mile journey to join General George Washington at the siege of Boston, Massachusetts. These frontier patriots were the first to …