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The first iron rails made in the United States were manufactured in 1844 at Mount Savage. Before that time all iron rails were imported from England.
Was the first of the internal improvements undertaken by the U.S. Government. Surveys were authorized in 1806 over the route of "Braddock's Road," which followed "Nemacolin's Path," an Indian trail, over which George Washington traveled in 1754 to…
Toll houses were built along the National Road as a result of a 25 year national debate as to whether or not the federal government should be responsible for funding road improvements. While there was agreement on the idea that those who used the …
First toll gate house on the old National (Cumberland) Road. Erected about 1833 after this portion of the road was turned over to the State of Maryland by the United States government. There was one other toll gate in Maryland on this Road.
General Braddock's 2nd camp on the march to Fort Duquesne June 14th, 15th, 1755. The old Braddock Road passed to the southeast of the National Road from Clarysville to the "Shades of Death" near "Two Mile Run." The National Road was begun by the G…
Wife of Lieut. John Frazier was captured by Indians near this spot in October 1755 and taken to the Miami River. She escaped after eighteen months and made her way back to her home.
The National Road has sustained Frostburgfor almost two centuries. As the road wasbeing surveyed in 1811, Josiah Frost beganlaying out lots. Businesses, serving passingstagecoaches and wagons, soon lined adeveloping Main Street. By the 1850s, t…
Years before St. Michael's Church was built,Meshach Frost and his wife Catherine purchasedthis property in 1812. When the Frosts bought theproperty, construction of the National Road wasalready underway. They soon found they werefeeding and housin…
This monument, erected in 1877, marks the graves of Meshach Frost (1787-1864) and his wife Catherine (1792-1876), founders of Frostburg. In 1812 they built their first home here. As the tavern Highland Hall, the building later accommodated in a da…
War path of the five nations from central New York to the Carolinas. One of the longest Indian trails in America, crossed this highway about this point.
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