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Memorial in honor ofCol. Joshua FryBorn c. 1700 in England1731 · Professor of mathematics at William and Mary College, Planter in Albemarle County, Virginia, Member of House of Burgesses, First presiding judge of Albemarle County, Commander…
The store houses of The Ohio Company were first located near this point. In 1754 the first fort (called Mt. Pleasant) was built. Gen'l Edward Braddock enlarged the fort in 1755 and renamed it after his friend the Duke of Cumberland.
As seen on the right, the Cumberland and Pennsylvania Railroad Depot at Frostburg was constructed in 1891. The depot served as a passenger and freight station enroute between Cumberland, Maryland down the rich coal-mining region of Georges Creek t…
The Clarysville Inn once stood in front of you to the right. In this tavern, and in a complex of buildings constructed around it, the United States established a general hospital during the Civil War. On March 6, 1862, U.S. soldiers commandeered t…
Flooding. In 1996, two devastating floods caused catastrophic damage throughout a four county area of Western Maryland. The town of Westernport, located at the confluence of Georges Creek and the Potomac River, was one of the hardest hit by the fl…
Near this point on June 10, 1755, after nearly a month's delay at Fort Cumberland, Braddock's troops started toward Fort Duquesne to wrest it from the French. On July 9, 1755, he met his terrible death at the Monongahela.
The Paw Paw Tunnel stands as a monument to the ability and daring of 19th century canal builders. By building the mile-long cut through the mountain, including the 3,118-foot tunnel, the canal avoided six miles of river bends and steep, rocky clif…
The long, winding ascent of Town Hill reaches a height just beyond that of Sideling Hill, but was much more easily crossed. However, early automobiles were still no match for the steep grades and tight turns along this section of the National Road…
was originally chartered as the Cumberland Bank of Alleghany by an act of the 1811 Maryland Legislature and opened for business April 1, 1812. this is the oldest bank in Western Maryland and the second oldest National Bank in the state. Local arch…
On this site stood the First Presbyterian Church. During the Civil War it was used as a military hospital
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