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(Front):Organized in 1839 and named for St. John's, Berkeley Parish, this was the third Episcopal church established north of Columbia. The Rev. Josiah Obear became its first rector in 1841, serving 1841-49 and 1875-82. The first sanctuary, a wood…
(Front):Governor of S.C. (1850-1852), president of the 1852 Secession Convention, and signer of the Ordinance of Secession in 1860, John Means was born near here in 1812. A colonel in the 17th Regiment, S.C. Volunteers, CSA, he died Sept. 1, 1862,…
1/4 mile east stood the home of Thomas Woodward, prominent leader of the South Carolina Regulator Movement, 1768-1769. He was a member of the First Provincial Congress and a charter member of the Mt. Zion Society. As Captain of Rangers in 1775-76 …
Fairfield CountyA center of activity in the Regulator movement to bring law and order to the backcountry, this area in 1769 was made part of Camden District under the Circuit Court Act. In 1775 it formed part of the District between the Broad and …
(west face)M Z S1777.JACOBO WILSON HUDSON,Montis Zion Collegii annos vigenti tres.singulari felicitate Pridi. Multa pr?clara in tam longissimocurriculo et didicit et docuit. In literis eruditus, in disciplina solers, tenax propositi, in omni offic…
Here lie buried many of the Scotch Irish pioneers, who, in 1772, under the leadership of the Rev. William Martin, founded one of the first Covenanter churches in upper South Carolina.
Organized before 1785, this Presbyterian Church was originally known as Wolf Pit Church, later as Wateree, and was finally named Mt. Olivet in 1800. The Reverend William Martin, Covenanter minister licensed by the Reformed Presbytery of Scotland, …
Site of five buildings 1897-1986. Enemies of church burned two, tornado destroyed one. 1994 marks 100 years of Mormon presence in this community.
This two-story brick house was built by James Kincaid (1754-1801), Revolutionary War soldier, who came from Scotland in 1773 and acquired this land in 1775. It was completed according to his plans after his death by his son, William Kincaid (1782-…
Site one mile east atjunction of Beaver Creekand Reedy Branchbuilt in 1760 byHans Wagneras a refuge from the Cherokee Indians