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In memory of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice City of Dublin Time will not dim the glory of their deeds General John J. Pershing Nicholas J. Rozanski 2012 Charles Lazell 1919 Norman W. Tarpley 1969 Henry R. Hausman Jr. 1…
The Log House: Built in half dovetail construction by traveling German craftsman with mud and hair chinking. House was moved from Cherrybottom Road in1973.
This site was formerly occupied by the Wesley Chapel Methodist Church and its successor Central Methodist Church merged with Broad Street Methodist Church October 1935
Dedicated to The Unknown Boy Scout 1910 - 1935 in England whose good turn brought Scouting to millions of America boys sponsored by Central Ohio Area Boy Scouts of America
St. Joseph Cathedral November 11, 1866, the cornerstone of St. Joseph Cathedral was laid at the N.W. corner of E. Broad and 5th Sts. The beautiful gothic structure was completed n 1872. The consecration service took place October 20, 1878, …
First services of Trinity Episcopal Church were held May 3, 1817, in the residence of Dr. Lincoln Goodale, where later Columbus' first Sunday School was founded. The first church building was built in 1831 one half block east of High on B…
Trinity Episcopal Church occupied this site from 1834 to 1869
He preserved for posterity the story of the brave men and women who founded this great state. He traveled Ohio in 1846 and again in 1886 and twice published his Howe's Historical Collections of Ohio
The Act of Congress in 1806 which authorized the construction of the National Road required that mile markers be placed at regular intervals. These reference points reassured travelers that they were following the correct route. They also indicate…
At the turn of the 20th century, three Columbus fire stations were on the National Road, including Station 11 which was built here at 1000 East Main. Construction began in August 1896 and was completed in February 1897 at a cost of $12,863. The co…
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