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Dedicated to those who gave their lives in service to their country. [outline of Goodhue County] Goodhue County Veterans Memorial · May 21, 1988
In Memory of the Soldiers, Sailors and Marinesof theSpanish American War, who Volunteered in the Cause ofFreedom, Patriotism, and Humanity.Dedicated by theDepartment of Minnesota AuxiliaryUnited Spanish War VeteransJune 19, 1943
Lake Pepin's Shell Game Celebrated today as a resort area, Lake Pepin had an earlier fame as a clamming center. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, more than 500 clammers worked the lake from their flat-bottomed johnboats, using giant combs called …
On July 13, 1890 the steamer Sea Wing, heavily loaded with 215 passengers and crew, left the steamboat landing here for a Sunday excursion down the Mississippi River to Lake City. The Sea Wing, based in Diamond Bluff, Wisconsin, was usually emp…
[cross]This property has been placed on theNational RegisterofHistoric Placesby the United StatesDepartment of the Interior In memory of Laura Schlasner
Constructed over Zumbro River in 1869 · cost $5,800. Original site Highway 58 about 1,000 feet from present location. 120 feet long town lattice truss design plans by A.J. Thatcher · construction supervised by E.L. Kingsbury. S…
The construction of this building began in 1904 following an agreement in which the city of Red Wing provided trackage concessions and the railroad agreed to construct this depot and donate money toward construction of Levee Park. This building wa…
William Colvill was born in New York state on April 5, 1830. As a young lawyer he moved to Red Wing in 1854, becoming the town's first city attorney. On April 19, 1861 — one week after the Confederates fired on Fort Sumter — a citi…
In the 1857 town plat of Frontenac (then called Westervelt), Wakondiota Park was designated as two blocks long, one block wide, and located at what is now the Christ Episcopal Church site. When the town was renamed in 1859, the park was moved one …
Theodore B. Sheldon, prominent local grain merchant and business leader, bequeathed to the City of Red Wing half of his estate to be used for a public purpose. After his death in 1900, his trustees chose to construct the T.B. Sheldon Memorial Audi…