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In Memory OfMargaret Whitlock White 1869-1941Alain Campbell White 1880-1951Through whose generosity and foresight the White Memorial Foundation was created to hold in trust for the benefit and enjoyment of present and future generations nature's g…
LitchfieldSettled 1720Oliver Wolcott HomeReeve's Law School On South St.
Revolutionary WarAbel David · Abel Sluman · Abel William · Ackley Ariel · Ackley David · Ackley Jude · Ackley Thomas Jr · Ady Thomas · Allen Amos · Allen Ichabod · Ames Samuel &…
(South face)Erected by the State of Connecticut and Citizens of the Town. In memory of Winchester Volunteers, who died or were killed in the War of the Rebellion, and whose bodies were not brought home for burial. (East face)Inscribed with the …
The men and women who served in the armed forces now at rest in these hallowed grounds
The men and women who served in the Armed Forces now at rest in these consecrated grounds
Named in 1732 for Torrington in Devonshire, England, this was one of the townships of the Western Lands allotted to Windsor. Since the early settlers were taxpayers in that town, their shares in the division of land depended upon the amount of tax…
"So numerous were the many acts of heroism, rescue of the sick and invalid, neighbors' concern for neighbors, that it would be impossible to chronicle them with slighting someone deserving of great credit." - Torrington Register, August 26, 1955 …
In This House Rev. Joseph BellamyHeld the Earliest Theological School 1738 - 1789
This viewpoint extends the museum sites of the Connecticut Impressionist Art Trail - Connecticut's Millennium Legacy Trail - to the outdoor settings that artists portrayed at the turn of the 20th century in a manner that came to be called American…
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