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Built for Judge John Bragg in 1855; Thomas James, supervising architect. After 1880 owned by Pratt, Upham and Frank Davis families. Acquired 1925 by A.S. Mitchells who restored house and lived here forty years.
In 1775, William Bartram, Colonial naturalist, visited Mobile and environs recording flora, fauna, land areas, and rivers.
This marker commemorates the one hundredth anniversary of the founding in Mobile of the Comic Cowboys, a Mardi Gras society believed to be unique in all the world. For a century, it has annually fulfilled its mission by using the art of caricature…
Armament 1 - 90mm Gun 2 - .50 Cal. Machine Guns 1 - .30 Cal. Machine Gun Weight   99,000 lbs. Combat Loaded Crew   4 Men Maximum Speed   28 mph Cruising Range   70 Miles Grade Ascending Ability   60 Percent Fording Depth of Water  …
On Shrove Tuesday, February 25, 1868, the Order of Myths gathered at this intersection shortly after 8 p.m. and began its first parade. The procession traveled west on Government, north on Warren east on Dauphin, north on Joachim west on State, so…
(plaque 1) The site of the famed gardens was originally a semi-tropical jungle on the Isle-Aux-Coirs River. In 1917 the property was acquired for a private fishing lodge by Walter and Bessie Morse Bellingrath... The primeval beauty of the land a…
On this site stood the Gov. John Gayle home, birthplace of William Crawford Gorgas, world famous sanitarian, Panama Canal Zone, 1902-14; Surgeon Gen. & Maj. General; conqueror of dread plagues of yellow fever and malaria.
A place to experience the history of Semmes Home of the original 1902 Semmes School Alabama's oldest continuous-in-use School Alabama Register of Historical Landmarks 1994 Land donated by Thomas Jefferson Howell
Southern market buildings & municipal offices also served as military armory before and during the Civil war Stalls for farmers, butchers, game sellers and fishermen on ground floor Officially registered in 1969 in National Register of Histo…
(preface) "Damn the Torpedoes!" is a familiar battle cry, but there's more to the story! The Mobile Civil War Trail is your guide to military movements and the way of life on and around Mobile Bay in the closing two years of the Civil War. Stand …
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