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1 ½ mi. south was Woodlands, built before 1800 by Wade Hampton, I (1752-1835), Colonel in Revolution, Major General in War of 1812. ? mi. north was Millwood, built before 1820 by Wade Hampton II (1791-1858), aide to Gen. Jackson, War of 1812.…
In memory of the John H. Rose Family Property located to the north of this marker is part of a farm once belonging to John H. Rose an area pioneer from Fayetteville, N.C. A grist mill and saw mill on property was burned by Gen. Sherman's army. …
In Memory of The Boys of Richland County who made the Supreme Sacrifice in World War II Erected by the Civic Department of the Woman's Club of ColumbiaDedicated April 20, 1947
Named in 1980 by the South Carolina State Highways and Public Transportation Commission in recognition of Dr. Berne's distinguished service during three terms as a member of the Highway Commission representing the Fifth Highway District (Richland …
This memorial honors all American Veterans who, although separated by generations, shared a common, undeniable goal ~ to valiantly protect our country's freedoms. The memories of these American veterans will continue to live on whenever and whe…
This 10 inch Columbiad Cannon defended Charleston Harbor from 1863 until the end of the War Between the States in 1865. It has a smooth, non-rifled, bore and fires a 10 inch round ball weighing 104 pounds. The markings on this cannon tell a story.…
This street is named for General John Barnwell, St. Helena's Parish. He was elected to the Provincial Congress of 1775-76 and to the 1776 General Assembly.? A captain in the First Provincial Regiment, he was major, colonel and brigadier general in…
This marker honors Colonel Thomas Taylor, Patriot of the American Revolution. It is erected during this bicentennial year of 1976 to commemorate his contribution to the educational, cultural, civic, and religious life of the people of Richland Cou…
In loving memory this cemetery contains Confederate Veterans and their families in the central area and State Hospital patients in surrounding locations.
In MemoriamB.F. RandolphLate State Senatorfor Orangeburg County,and Chairman RepublicanState Central Committee,who died at Hodges StationAbbeville Countyat the hands of assassinson Friday Oct. 13A.D. 1868.
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