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This fountain in honor of The Carolina Patriots Who Fought In The American Revolution Given by The American Revolution BicentennialRichland County Committee The University South Carolina Society The Lucy Hampton Bostick Charitable Trust May …
The National Registerof Historic PlacesSouth CarolinaDepartment of Archivesand History:Columbia City Hall
The flags and flagpoles on thisbuilding are dedicated to themen who served in Viet Nam andparticularly to the gallant menwho were prisoners or gave theirlives in the defense of freedom.We recognize their devotion totheir country and the partthey p…
General George MonckHelped restore Charles IICommander of Royal ForcesColonel of Coldstream Guards
Of Old French StockFrom the Isle of JerseyN.C. Cape, County Named for HimNew Jersey Named for His BirthplaceHonored by Charles II
Born Edward HydeLord High Chancellor for Charles IIPersecuted the DissentersExiled for Private LifeDaughter Married James II
The Fountain was Givento the People of South CarolinaIn Honor ofWilliam Elliott Gonzales1866 - 1937A Founder and Editor ofThe State
First Baron Berkeley of StrattonSupporter of the StuartsSkillful Military CommanderLoyal to the Royal LineFollowed Charles II into Exile
Earl of ShaftesburyAnthony Ashley CooperTwo Rivers Names for HimSupporter of Political FreedomFriend of John Locke
Colonel in English Civil WarGallant Naval OfficerRetired to BarbadosCounty Named for Him
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