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The Shaw - 54th Regiment Memorial, the outstanding tribute to soldiers of the Civil War, was created by one of America's foremost sculptors, Augustus Saint Gaudens (1848 - 1907). Born in Dublin, of s French father and an Irish mother, he grew up i…
The Shaw - 54th Regiment Memorial honors Colonel Robert Gould Shaw and members of the Massachusetts 54th Regiment who died in the assault on Fort Wagner, South Carolina, July 18, 1863. The 54th was the first regiment of Black volunteers from the N…
This mall is named in honor of Marquis de Lafayettedistinguished French soldierMajor-General in the War of American Independenceand illustrious patriot of the French Revolutionwho nobly served the cause of liberty on two continentsinvited by act o…
Here in 1719 stood the printing office of James Franklin publisher of the New England Courant. Here served as an apprentice his brother Benjamin Franklin Here 1769 to 1776 Edes and Gill published the Boston Gazette
Here stood the residence of John Hancock: A prominent and patriotic merchant of Boston, the first signer of the Declaration of American Independence, and first governor of Massachusetts under the State Constitution.Erected 1737. Removed 1863.
IEEE Milestone in Electrical Engineering and ComputingPower System of Boston's Rapid Transit, 1889Boston was the first city to build electric traction for a large-scale rapid transit system. The engineering challenge to design and construct safe, …
Born in Wexford Ireland 1745Died in Philadelphia 1803Received first commissionfrom the Continental Congressto command the Lexington 1775Sailed from Boston on the Raleigh 1778Acclaimed in Boston in 1780for victories on the AllianceAppointed in 1794…
To commemoratethe arrival on June 12, 1630 of theFrigate Arbella, bringing Governor Winthrop andthe Charter of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, This tablet placed by theMassachusettsDaughters of the American Revolution
A type of the 56,571 mines laid and swept in the mine barrier placed in the North Sea by the United States Navy during the World War, 1917-1919, the greatest achievement of its nature recorded in all naval history and placed here as a tribute to …
To the men of Boston who died for their country on land and sea in the War which kept the Union whole, destroyed slavery and maintained the Constitution. The grateful City has built this Monument that their example may speak to coming generations.…