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This tablet marks the right of way of the First Railroad Operated in Connecticut chartered May 1832 Opened for Service between Providence and Stonington Steamboat Dock November 10, 1837
Captain Nathaniel B.Palmer HouseBuilt 1852Has Been Designated ANational Historic LandmarkThis Building Possesses National SignificanceIn Commemorating the History of TheUnited States of America1996National Park ServiceUnited States Department of t…
Thomas HoweCirca 1790Lived in by Howe Descendants1797-1957First Stonington Library1887-1899
1917 ? 1918 PawcatuckHas NotForgotten( left panel )Our democracy has been tested and the forces of autocracy have been defeated ( right panel )Loyally did they serve with a consecrated devotion to duty and a will to conquer ( left tablet ) A…
½ Mile SouthStoningtonLand BatteryRepulsed a BritishNaval Force, 1814
TheDefenders OfThe FortAug. 10, 1814.Geo. Howe Fellowes.Who Nailed the Flag to the Mast.Amos Denison, Jr.Jere. Haley.Simeon Haley.Jere. Holmes.Seth C. Leonard.Asa Lee.Thos. Wilcox.William Potter.Hotatio G. Lewis( north face ) In Perpetuam Memoriam…
This Is To RememberHere the Brave Men of StoningtonDefeated a Landing Force FromHis Majesty's ship "Ramillies"Bent on Burning the Town and its ShippingAugust 10, 1814The Warden and Burgesses of theBorough of StoningtonDeeded by U.S. Govt. 1932 ? E…
East Face When Rhode Island by her legislation frm 1844 to 1850, Repudiated her Revolutionary Debt. Dr. Richmond removed from that State to this Borough and selected this as his Family Burial Place unwilling that the remains of himself and famil…