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1865OurSoldiers[ east side ]John S. RobinsonCo. F 27. C.V. Died at Baltimore M.D.June 18, 1863 Ae. 27.Dayton R. ScrantonCo. F 12. C.V. Died in L.A. Dec. 18, 1863 Ae. 28[ north side ]Walter A. StoneCo. F 1. Conn. Art. Died at HomeOct. 31, 1862, Ae.…
1917 ? 1918Dedicated To The Men Who ServedTheir Country In The World WarAronson, Gustavus · Berti, Joseph · Cannon, Legrand · Carey, Henry F. · Dudley, Carlton L. · Fuller, Frank · Harrison, Lloyd D. Lieut…
North Branford 1st DistrictMen and Women Who Served InWorld War II 1941 - 1945Olaf Aho · Merwin Apelle · Willard Apelle · Charles Aronson · Gustave Aronson · William J. Aronson · Alfred Bahnsen Jr. ·…
1941 ? 1945To Honor The Memory OfThe Men of TheTown of North BranfordWho Gave Their LivesIn World War IIRobert B. Hart · George Gardner · Alexander Panko · Michael Panko · Donald Williams · Richard E. Lewis
In Honor Of The Men And WomenWho Served Our Countyr InThe Vietnam ConflictJuly, 1958 - April, 1975Dedicated May 1996
North BranfordThis region was opened for settlement in the 1690's as the Third Division of the Town of Branford, originally called by the Indian name Totoket. The North or Second Ecclesiastical Society (1725) and the Third Society (1745), later na…