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The Burlington County Railroad completed its line to Pembarton in 1861. The benefits of the railroad had a great influence on the village of Smithville. The route provided access to Philadelphia with only an hour's ride and connections to Boston a…
H.B. Smith's machinery warehouse was the largest structure in the lower village. It stood across the main road from the Smithville railroad station. The construction of new houses on Forest Avenue in the lower village took place in 1886. These ne…
A model industrial village was built here for the H.B. Smith Machine Company.
Village on the Rancocas CreekThe industrial history of this site goes back to the days of the early colonists who set up sawmills and gristmills, harnessing the natural power of the Rancocas Creek. In the 1830s, the Shreve Brothers, Jonathan and S…
H.B. Smith purchased the old village of Shreveville in 1865 and renamed it "Smithville." The map of Shreveville, which accompanied the notice of sale, depicts three rows of houses. Shortly after Smith purchased the property, he razed the…
1771 - 1822   -   Samuel Clark and Butler Atkinson                     Cabnet Makers1822 - 1829   -   Alexander A. Young                     Sold Tinwear and Stoves                        He also printed "C…
On this site stoodJohn Woolman's Tailor ShopHere he probably "tended shop andkept books" in 1740 when a lad of 20.He bought the property in 1747, anddeeded it to his mother,Elizabeth Woolman in 1753. ***************The secondFriends Meet…
This Hardware StoreEstablished on Mill StreetbyWilliam Calvert in 17701920-30 Storefront Restored byPaul Musgrove of Mount HollyFor the Present Owner, Arthur R. EldredSeptember 22, 1980
This Mill Stone was recovered from the site of the historic industrial park at the corner of Mill and Pine Street. Built in 1796 by Cox & Davidson and operated with five French Burrs until destroyed by fire in 1910. This Mill Stone is the only tru…
Mansion ofJames LangstaffFarmer1830Purchased by Mount Holly Library - 1957Chartered by King George III - 1765