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In an 1889 Ringoes magazine, James Monroe Hoagland wrote of a cemetery of about 100 graves. It has been obliterated by plowing but was located in the field to your right. John Hoagland and other early farmers and settlers are said to have been bur…
Site of the first Presbyterian Church built in 1738. Here, George Whitefield's sermon to 3000 people in 1740 inspired religious zeal.
By 1816 copper ore was found here, and north towards Flemington. The mining craze lasted through 1865. It was never profitable, but gave Copper Hill its name.
Near here British cavalry were routed by Capt. JohnSchenck's militia Dec. 1776. British Geary was killed and buried on field.
Early Lenape Indian trail; became a "Kings Highway" in 1764. Was main stage route between Philadelphia and New York.
Congregation formed in 1844. Church built in 1858.Hamlet was then called New Market.
Lenape Tribes used the abundant Hunterdon mineral for arrowheads and tools. One of their trade routes, later the Easton-Trenton Road, ran southwards toward Sanhican (Trenton).
The first English Presbyterian Church in Amwell.Organized & Built - 1738Removed Here - 1838Rebuilt - 1883
The purpose of the railroad signal is not unlike that of a traffic light; it tells locomotive engineers when they can proceed, when they should proceed with caution, and when they must stop. This type of railroad signal, which uses colored lights,…
This important early twentieth century farmstead represents the former predominance of dairy farming in Hunterdon County and is significant for its association with Frederick Totten, a founding member of the Hunterdon County Dairy Herd Improvement…