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Right of Monument:Defeat would haveopened the road toAlbany to the FrenchBack of Monument:1903The Society of Colonial Warserected this monument to commemoratethe victory of the colonial forcesunder General William Johnson andtheir Mohawk allies un…
A Memorial to Four Unknown Soldiers———————-who fell September 8, 1755 on the Bloody Morning Scout led by Col. Ephraim Williams and King Hendrick against the French and Indians under Baron Dieskau.The remai…
This plaque commemorates the memory of those officers, N.C.O.s and men of the 35th Regiment of Foot (now the Royal Sussex Regiment), their wives and families who lost their lives during the defence of Fort William Henry, and the subsequent massacr…
In memory of common men, this stone, taken from the banks of the Mohawk, was erected as a memorial to those Mohawk Valley men under Wm. Johnson who helped build Fort William Henry in the year 1755. A gift of the people of the Mohawk Valley1958