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Anthony Sisti, born Greenwich Village, New York City, 1901, came to Buffalo at the age of ten. Artist by profession, boxer by avocation, prime mover in the development of this city's Allentown district where he maintained his studio and gallery si…
Sisters of Charity Hospital — 1848-1876 — First hospital in Buffalo. Founded by John Timon, C.M., first Catholic Bishop of Buffalo, and operated by the Sisters of Charity.
Dedicated with Respect to World War II & Korean Veterans Erected throught the efforts of The AMVETS Post No 209 Remember Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941 [back]In memory of Leo D. and Dorothy K. Gomlak for outstanding service to nation and veterans S…
Chester C. Gorski statesman, community leader, humanitarian Born June 22, 1906. Died April 25, 1975. President of The Common Council 1959 to 1973. Member of the United States Congress, Erie County Board of Supervisors Buffalo Common Council Major…
This monument is dedicated to the Onodowaga or People of the Many Hills (Seneca). Shown are: The Hiawatha Wampum Agreement which brouht together the Five Nations in the pursuit of peace. A Seneca traditional gastowa or headress signified by the on…
This structure has been recorded by the Historic American Buildings Survey of the United States Department of the Interior for its archives at the Library of Congress
Historic Lake Erie Named for the Indian Nation of the Eries who dwelt on these shores before 1634 when they were conquered by the Iroquoian Confederacy. 1641 - Earliest mention of the lake in writing of French missionaries. 1669 - First white man …
John Maynard. "Who is John Maynard?" "John Maynard, he was our helmsman who held out till he brought us safely through, saved us and wears a hero's crown above. For us he died, and his reward our love, John Maynard." The Buffalo-Dortmund Sister Ci…
This building was erected in 1833 by the First Unitarian Congregational Society of Buffalo which worshipped here until 1880. Abraham Lincoln in February 1861, attended church services here and sat in the pew of his host Millard Fillmore.
Grover Cleveland 1837 - 1908 twenty-second President of the United States. Practiced law, 1874-1881, in an office on this site.