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Fairport Village Hall The timeless sentinel of South Main Street. Fairport Municipal Building circa 1908. Fairport Municipal Building circa 1933. The Village Hall, or Municipal Building, was built in 1906 as Perinton's Town Hall at a cost of appro…
This memorial in honor of the men and women of this community who answered their country's call. Dedicated in memory of those who made the supreme sacrifice.
The Potter Property From Private Estate to public amenity. Fred Potter. Spencer Philbrick's original Italianate mansion. Fred Potter and his chauffeur on West Church Street. The Potter Mansion. In 1858, Spencer Philbrick constructed a large and el…
"Old" South Main Street Yields to Urban Renewal Commercial block changes from necessities to niceities. South Main Street circa 1915. South Main Street circa 1950. South Main Street circa 1970. Nineteenth century commercial buildings that provided…
The 20th Century Comes to South Main Street. A neighborhood changes with the times. Pure Oil gas station circa 1960. Hupp Motors circa 1930. Schine's Temple Theater circa 1927. Dr. Tubbs' house and office circa 1910. Church Motors circa 1953. In t…
The DeLand Family Develops Fairport's Four Corners. The Green Lantern Inn, originally known as the DeLand Mansion, was built in 1876 by Henry DeLand, a local industrialist, for his family. In 1876, Fairport industrialist Henry DeLand built a mansi…
Elmwood Cemetery Early burial ground established 1820 on land given by the Conklin and Carter families.
This memorial site is dedicated to all veterans of the armed forces of the United States of America who have faithfully served their country and have been laid to rest in the Elmwood Cemetery. "The mystic cords of memory, stretching from every bat…
Glover Perrin built Perinton's first log cabin here in 1790. His brother Jesse in 1791 cleared land to the west used for cemetery.
Abner Wight Home Built by Abner Wight 1794 moved here from Wight farm across road. First white child to survive born here. Later home of Col. Howard.