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A memorial to all living and dead who have served in our nation's armed forces.
This tank is a memorial to the men and women of the Palmyra area who answered their contry's call. Dedicaed in memory of those who made the supreme sacrifice. Because of them ourlives are free. Because of them our nation lives! United States Army …
Apple Orchard On 22 September 1823, Joseph Smith Jr, was hrvestong wheat with his father and brothers when he was overcome by exhaustion from the visits of the angel Moroni the previous night in the log home. His father sent him home to rest. His …
Threshing Barn A barn was essential to the success of the Smith farm. Soon after moving into the log home, the likely built a threshing barn on the 100-acre farm. The wooden floor of the central bay was used to thresh grain crops like wheat, barle…
Cooper Shop The Smith family built a cooper shop on Stafford Road where, under the direction of Joseph Smith Sr., a competent copper, they made and repaired barrels, kegs, buckets, and tubs. They found a ready market for their wares, particularly …
The Frame Home The Smith's oldest son, Alvin, planned the construction of this handsome New England-style farmhouse to provide for his future family and to care for his parents in their elderly years. Having apprenticed as a builder, he managed th…
Sampson House Birthplace of Rear Admiral William T. Sampson 1840-1902. Commander of flagship in the Spanish-American War.
Site of Pioneer Home of Gideon Durfee built 1811.
Rope Walk Here rope was manufactured in 500 foot lengths, it was used on the Albany Schenectady R.R.
The Eight Witnesses In late 1829 Joseph Smith Jr. gathered a small group of his family and friends to a secluded spot in these woods and showed them the gold plates from which the Book of Mormon was translated. He allowed each of the eight partici…