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Hopkins Homestead Settled by Col. Caleb Hopkins, hero of War of 1812. Given honor of naming Pittsford for his hometown in Vermont.
Dedicated to the men and women of the armed forces on the United States. May prosperity keep faith with those who served and above all with those who did not return that their sacrifices shall not have been made in vain. We remember. Pittsford vet…
The story of Powder Mills Park begins around 1850 when Daniel C. Rand arrived in this area from Middletown, Connecticut, where he was working for a manufacturer of blasting powder. The methods of making blasting powder, which is simply a coarse ve…
Through much of Pittsford's history, farming and agriculture related businesses dominated the local economy. The completion of the Erie Canal in 1824 led to a local commercial boom including the construction of wharves and warehouses along the vil…
The Great American Canal The Erie Canal was the most important of America's inland waterways. It facilitated the opening of the American frontier and provided a route west for tens of thousands of settlers and immigrants. Villages, town, and citie…
First Library in the Genesee Country. Northfield Library Co., 1803-1808, kept its books at the farm of Ezra Patterson, first librarian.
Cobblestone Academy Built by stonemason, Samuel Crump in 1842 as the village school. Home of Northfield Masonic Lodge since 1892. Northfield Lodge #426 1st & 3rd Thursdays 7:30 PM Sept - June 586-2976
The First Housein Pittsford was erected on this spot by Israel Stone in 1789
Beside old Erie Towpath at Hartwell's, now Bushnell's Basin, near Great Embankment western canal terminal 1821-1823 Shipping port until after 1850.
An active shipping port on the Erie Canal. Horses were changed here in the Towpath era.