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A residence and farm, a stagecoach stop, a tavern, an office building and a museum! In 1812, Scotch-Irish immigrant Alexander Johnston (who lived to be almost 100 yrs.) began erecting this landmark structure. The stone for the building and five…
Born and raised in Latrobe, Mister Rogers was the creator, composer, host, and puppeteer of the award-winning TV program Mister Rogers' Neighborhood (1968-2001). The program, produced at WQED in Pittsburgh, emphasized kindness, compassion, and lea…
Founded in 1846 by Boniface Wimmer on the site of a Catholic parish built in 1789, Saint Vincent Archabbey, College, and Seminary was the first institution in the US established by monks of the Order of Saint Benedict. The college was incorporated…
PAX Right Reverend Boniface Wimmer, O.S.B. Founder of the Benedictine Order in the United States, Archabbot of St. Vincent, First President of the American Cassinese Congregation, Born at Thalmassing, Bavaria, January 14, 1809, Died at St. V…
Which served as the first Catholic Parish Church of western Pennsylvania. The property was bought by the Reverend Theodore Brouwers, O.F.M. First pastor of the congregation, April 16, 1790.
In 1904 in Latrobe, the first documented Banana Split was created by apprentice pharmacist David Strickler-sold here at the former Tassell Pharmacy. Bananas became widely available to Americans in the late 1800s. Strickler capitalized on this by c…
Near the western end of Latrobe was the log house of this antifederalist Congressman, who lived modestly alongside his constituents. A shaper of public opinion in western Pennsylvania, he sympathized with the Whiskey Rebellion but, as tempers moun…
George Washington in 1758 set up a camp a mile north of this point while building Forbes Road. In 1774 Fort Shippen was built at the same site.
William F. Johnston, Governor of Pennsylvania, 1848-1852, was born near here, 1808. This house, built by his father, 1815, was his boyhood home. Known as Kingston House, it has been cited as a fine example of colonial style.
This Convent and Academy is the oldest institution of the Sisters of Mercy who came from Ireland in 1843. From here many Sisters have gone to various parts of the United States as nurses and teachers.