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African American blues, jazz and gospel singer overcame poverty to become one of the highest paid stars on Broadway. Several of her songs are Grammy Hall of Fame inductees. For acting, she received both Oscar and Emmy nominations. Waters was born …
Name given to tract along Delaware River from Marcus Hook to Chester River. Grant for tract was given Captain Hans Ammundson Besk, a native of Finland by Queen Christina in 1653. Site of first Finnish settlement in America.
Name given to house built on this site in 1721 by David Lloyd. At one time, it was the home of Admiral Porter and Commodore Porter with whom Admiral Farragut often visited. Razed in Feb., 1882 by "Jackson Explosion".
A Tribute to those from Sun Village who served our country in World War II · Clyde Robert Thompson · Ralph Jack Emory · James Walter Brogan · David R. Hutchinson
After an encampment of several days in Philadelphia where French troops passed in review before Congress, the French and American armies moved toward Wilmington [Delaware] by the Chester Pike known then as the King's Highway. They encamped here on…
First lodged in Americain "Essex House" on this siteOctober 28, 1682the guest ofRobert WadeHere the earliest Quaker settleron this side Delaware River, 1676,purchaser of the property,then called "Printzdorp,"from the earlier occupant,Armecot, wido…
Oct. 29, 1682, soon after finishing a two-months' voyage, William Penn first set foot on his colony of Pennsylvania, granted by Charles II the year before. The site is a block south.
Discovered by the Dutch, settled by the Swedes. Granted to William Penn by King Charles II of England, Delaware County is the site of Penn's first landing in Pennsylvania. Here the first assembly met and adopted the frame of government honored in …
Built in 1747 on this site. Was known as "Pennsylvania Arms" until after Washington stopped here following the Battle of Brandywine in 1777. Noted stopping place on the old Post Road. Building stood here until 1952.
In memory ofthose who paid thesupreme sacrifice inViet Nam