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[Emblem for the United States Air Force Auxiliary - Civil Air Patrol]Dedicated to the memory of Civil Air Patrol members who gave their lives in service to this nation that others might live.
[Unit insignia]:"Ranger - Merrill's Marauders" In memory of the gallant men of the5307th Composite Unit (Prov.)Northern Burma Campaign, 1944"Sua Sponte"
Dedicated to the memory of the 375 infantrymen from the 1st Battalion 21st Infantry, the 134 artillerymen from the 52nd Field Artillery Battalion, and the 31 medical personnel from the medical company of the 21st Infantry Regiment who comprised Ta…
World War IWorld War IIKorean War Era VietnamDesert Storm [Ivy Leaf Insignia:] In Memory of All Veterans of the U.S. 4th Infantry (Ivy) Division Dedicated 1 July 1993
Two hundred strategic bomber escort missions over Europe with the 15th Air Force without the loss of a single bomber to enemy aircraft, 1944-45, a record unsurpassed. Dedicated in their memory, 10 November 1995.
In sacred memory ofAmerican Special Operations Forces."Courage and Sacrifice."[Five organizational emblems/insignia follow:]United States Special Operations Command,[U.S. Army Special Forces] Airborne,Joint Special Operations Command,United States…
This monument was erected in 1938and rededicated in 1971to commemorate devoted service to country and humanity by Army, Navy, and Air Force Nurses.
Named in honor of CW4 John C. McKinneyCaisson Platoon Leader3d U.S. Infantry (The Old Guard)June 1959 to May 1974
Ranger In memory of the Vietnamese rangers and their American ranger advisors, 1960-1975. Their patriotism, valor and fidelity in the defense of freedom must never be forgotten. Biet dong quan sat(Rangers lead the way) Renderings of U.S. …
Dedicated to the memoryof theparatroopers (Mu-Do) of the Vietnamese Airborne Division(Su-Doan Nhay Du) and their advisors (Co Van),the Red Hats and Red MarkersofAdvisory Team 162, Military Assistance Command, Vietnam (MAC-V)who fought for freedom …