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ORIGINAL STOCKHOLDERS: T.T. Brown, Coon Reed, George Blair, Samuel Robertson, Frank Randolph, Robert Hall, Howard Coxen, London Mitchell, George Tokus, Emanuel Blackburn, Joseph Thornley, Joseph Webb, Edmund Jackson, Thomas Laws Jr., Jerry Wil…
Lucy Slowe, educator, was born in Berryville. In 1908, while attending Howard University, she became a founding member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, the first Greek letter organization for African American women, and was elected its first pr…
Three miles North in July 1864, General Jubal Early's army, returning from his raid on Washington, was attacked by Federal units which forced a passage of the river. On July 18, Colonel Joseph Thoburn led his troops against the Confederates but wa…
Early in the 1870's African Americans established Josephine City, a community originally composed of 31 one-acre lots lining a 16-foot-wide street. Twenty-four former slaves and free blacks purchased the lots at $100 an acre from Ellen McCormick, …
1819 Original stone building1846 Present brick building1919 Chapel of Grace ChurchAnnual homecoming service second Sunday in August
In memory of1746 James Ireland 1806Minister of the Gospel Born in Edinburgh, Scotland and converted in Frederick County, Va.Baptized and ordained at Sandy Creek, N.C. Imprisoned at Culpeper,Va. for preaching the gospel organizer of Baptist chur…
This 16-square-mile scenic landscape illustrates the changing patterns of rural life since the 1730s as shown in its plantations, farms, mills, churches, and African American communities. The first settlers came from various places, including New …
In 1882, the former slaves and free colored people of this community built the Josephine City School to provide their children with a grade school education. Under the leadership of Rev. Edward Johnson, a new building was completed in 1930 to prov…
Col. Morgan's LaneAug. 19, 1864Mosby's Attack onCuster's HouseBurners.No Prisoners——
Battle ofCool SpringJuly 18, 1864Early & Crook——