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Parents in the Cartersville area of Cumberland County met in 1909 to discuss the need for a centralized high school to replace the one-room schools serving white children in the area at that time. The county Superintendent of Schools led the commu…
Julius Rosenwald, a former president of Sears, Roebuck & Co., continued the efforts made by numerous philanthropists to bring education to African Americans in the South. During the early 1900s, funding for schools was scarce; the South had half a…
Two miles north, near the mouth of Willis River, Steuben camped, June 5-6, 1781, when driven from Point of Fork by Simcoe.
One mile north; home of Carter Henry Harrison, land patented, 1723. Harrison, as a member of the Cumberland Committee of Safety, wrote the instructions for independence (adopted April 22) presented by the county delegates to the Virginia conventio…
Early in June 1781, Maj. Gen. Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben saved some military stores at Point of Fork from British troops and then retreated south to Staunton River before being called to join Lafayette's forces. On 16 June Steuben crossed to th…