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In 1600, there were approximately 40 tribes in Virginia. Today, the Commonwealth officially recognizes only eleven tribes. When the Jamestown Settlers arrived in Virginia in 1607, they encountered several Virginia Tribes. The Chesapeake Tribe o…
In loving memory of the many citizens of Southampton who answered the call of their country in all wars. Their names are inscribed for eternity on history's roll of honor.
Courtland School, which served African American students during the segregation era, was erected here in 1928-29 at a cost of $4,000. The local African American community raised $1,000, while the county contributed $2,500. The Julius Rosenwal…
Dred Scott, a slave lived as a child northeast of here on Peter Blow plantation early in the 1800s. The Blows moved to Missouri and in 1830 sold Scott to an army officer who was stationed in various free territories. Scott sued for his and his fam…
A work in progress - The Nat Turner Era Donated to the Southampton County Historical Society by Jack and Ina Gee Pittman. Its historical significance in our county history: The last house on the insurrection scene in which anyone was killed.
Just to the north was theNottoway Indian Reservation.William Byrd, while runningthe boundry line betweenVirginia and North Carolina,visited these Indians April7, 1729. Indians were living here as late as 1825.
Birthplace of Colgate Whitehead Darden, Jr. 1897-1981 Soldier-Educator-Statesman Veteran World War I Member of the General Assembly of Virginia Member of the United States Congress Governor of VirginiaPresident of the University of Virginia Delega…
One mile north was the estate of Major Thomas Ridley. In the servile insurrection of August, 1831, the houses were fortified by faithful slaves and made a place of refuge for fugitive whites. In this vicinity Nat Turner, the leader of the insurrec…
The Nottoways' first recorded contact with the English colonist occurred in 1650 in present-day Sussex County. By 1694, due to hostile Indian attacks and encroaching settlers, the Nottoways had moved their main settlement to the mouth of Assamoosi…
The "Southampton Cavalry" was formed just north of this site in May, 1861 at what was the Gillette Farm, Cedar Lawn. Joseph E. Gillette was elected captain. The Company eventually became Company A of the 13th Virginia Cavalry. Gillette was promote…