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The M60A3 was designed in 1956 and entered service in 1960. The M60 is a big, tall tank with a rounded turret and heavy armor for its time. The A1 and A2 versions both fought in Vietnam. The A3 version has improved night sights, laser rather than …
Home of Ten GovernorsAndrew Pickens, II * George McDuffie * P.M. Butler * J.H. Hammond * Francis Pickins * M.L. Bonham * J.C. Sheppard * Ben Tillman * J.G. Evans * Strom Thurmond " Edgefield has had more dashing, brilliant, romantic figures, s…
(Front text) Edgefield was founded in 1785 as the county seat and site of the new courthouse and jail for Edgefield County, created out of the old Ninety-Six District. Also called Edgefield Village or Edgefield Court House, it was described by Rob…
W.W. Adams, a prosperous Edgefield merchant and longtime Edgefield mayor, built this building in 1907 as a warehouse to serve the needs of cotton founders. The Edgefield Chronicle noted in that year: "The great brick warehouse of Mr. W.W. Adams, h…
The parking lot adjacent to this building is the site where the Southern Railroad Depot was located for many years. When the railroad arrived in Edgefield in 1888, the depot was located a quarter mile south of here, but that depot was struck by li…
The longest serving and oldest Senator in American history, he began his public service as Edgefield County Superintendent of Education in 1929. A decorated soldier and circuit court judge, he was elected in the U.S. Senate as a write in candidate…
The youngest Governor in South Carolina history, Evans served in the House and Senate before being elected Governor. He was a veteran of the Spanish-American War and is buried in Willowbrook Cemetery in Edgefield.
Known as "Pitchfork Ben,"he led the South Carolinafarmer's movement. Hehelped found Clemson andWinthrop Colleges and wasarguably the most powerfulfigure in S.C. politicalhistory. He is buried inEbenezer Cemetery in Trenton.
He served a Speaker of the South Carolina House and was elected Lieutenant Governor in 1882 and 1884. Sheppard was a leader of the Conservative movement of the 1890's in opposition to Tillman. He is buried in Willowbrook Cemetery in Edgefield.
Bonham was a Colonel in the Palmetto Regiment in the Mexican war, a brigadier general during the War Between the States and served in the C.S.A. Congress prior to being elected Governor. He was the second consecutive Governor from Edgefield during…