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First Jail in Wetumpka
April 8, 1938 On this day, the Coosa Rive Rose to this level at this location after heavy rainfall over the Coosa River Basin. For more information, contact: National Weather Service Birmingham, Alabama www.srh.noaa.gov.bmx Southeast Ri…
W. B. Doby served as the first President of the Elmore County Teachers Association, Principal of Elmore County Training School, and as an ordained minister in the A.M.E. Church. Local leaders dedicated this school for African-American students on …
1940One half mile from this siteis the home ofWilliam Lowndes Yancey1814-1863American StatesmanSouthern Secession LeaderSilver Tongued Orator
Dedicated byAlabama Mills, Inc.In honor of those who served so gallantlyIn World War II 1941-1945andIn memory of the followingwho made the supreme sacrificeR.D. Leonard · Herman JohnsonGeorge Brown · W.E. Holcomb
America went to work for the war effort in 1942, and Manzanar was no exception. More than 500 young Japanese Americans wove camouflage nets here for the U.S. Army. Since citizenship was a job requirement, most saw weaving nets as a chance to prove…
Over the years, this monument has become an icon, inspiring a grass-roots movement to preserve Manzanar and remember the sacrifices of 120,313 Japanese Americans confined by their own government.
Constructed in 1924 on five acres, this building was one of nine schools constructed in Elmore County with funding assistance from the Julius Rosenwald Fund. Between 1912-32, Julius Rosenwald, a Jewish philanthropist and CEO of Sears, Roebuck and …
Completed in 1854, this building was the third Methodist Church building erected in Wetumpka and served both black and white congregations. Transitional exterior and interior architecture features elegant simplicity of Greek revival styles. Interi…
(side 1)In 1834, the Wetumpka Toll Bridge Co. built the first of four bridges spanning the Coosa River at this site. It was destroyed in a flood in 1844. A second toll bridge was completed the same year by John Godwin whose slave, Horace King, des…