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On this site, April 26, 1826was laid the cornerstone ofthe first college edificein the Western Reserve, latercalled Middle College.It marked the beginning ofWestern Reserve University
Erected in 1837-38,originally for theuse of studentsof divinity
This house was builtin 1830 for the Presidentof the College and theProfessor of Theology.Here lived PresidentsStorrs, Hitchcock and Pierce This propertyhas been placed on theNational Registerof Historic Placesby the United StatesDepartment of t…
This Chapel, in architectureand tradition recalling Old YaleCollege, the ideals of which inspiredthe establishment of higher learningin the Western Reserve, was dedicatedin 1836 to the service ofAlmighty God This propertyhas been placed on theN…
With the help of town founder, David Hudson, Western Reserve College and its Academy were founded in 1826. Often called "The Yale of the West," the college saw success initially as nearly all of its professors and college presidents were Yale Coll…
Hudson, Ohio. Boyhood home of John Brown (1800-1859.) Abolitionist John Brown came to Hudson as a boy in 1805 and lived here until 1826. A frequent visitor to Hudson in the ensuing years, Brown attended services at the Free Congregational Church, …
President-elect Abraham Lincoln, en route to Washington for his first inaugural, stopped in Hudson aboard a special Presidential train on February 15, 1861. A crowd of over 6,000 people greeted Lincoln at the old Hudson Depot, located near this sp…
Near this spotstood the first log housein Summit County,built by David Hudsonof Goshen, Connecticut, in 1799. It was the birthplace,October 28, 1800, of the firstwhite child in this countyAnner Maria Hudson. Erected in 1926by the school ch…
Elias Loomis and Charles Augustus Young worked in this Observatory, built in 1838, the third to be erected in the United States, the second oldest standing (1926).
{The marker has a both an English and French version. In English:} In one of the most important advances in modern medicine, a team of investigators isolated and purified insulin in a building which stood on this site. On May 17, 1921, Frederic…