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Built 1897-1903Renovated: 2004Historic & Current Address:800 East Douglas Built 1897-1903Renovated: 2004Historic & Current Address:802 East Douglas
"it (streetcar 230 on the College Hill line) is a moving...collection of junk, rattling and torturing its inmates in a manner that would bring tears to the eyes of the turnkey of a Russian prison...If you can stand up in the car for a mile after d…
Built for line of overalls, shirts and other work clothes Historic & Current Address:700 East Douglas
Built for $50,000Historic & Current Address:704 East Douglas
This site, originally platted in December, 1870, dates back to Wichita's early development with the establishment of the Wichita & Southwestern Railroad, later absorbed by the Santa Fe System. The railroad was completed at Wichita in May, 1872 and…
A member of a pioneer banking family which settled in Wichita during the 'boom' period of 1886, Mr. Naftzger devoted nearly seventy years of his life to banking. As an ardent patron of the arts and because of his strong ties to the city he grew up…
This memorial is dedicated as a lasting tribute to all the service men and women of the United States Armed Forces from the State of Kansas and in memory of those who made the supreme sacrifice with their lives on the battlefields of North and Sou…
With the admission of Alaska in 1959 and Hawaii in 1960, the present fifty-star flag came into being. Like other flags of our nation, the fifty-star flag has seen the varied conditions that can beset a dynamic association of peoples. Under it, the…
The obligations and responsibilities of becoming an imperial power as a result of the Spanish-American War quickly multiplied. The international problems that arose in Latin America, in the Philippines, and in China saw the first application of Th…
The United States emerged from the ordeal of the Civil War with deep gulfs of mistrust and bitterness. Reconstruction was lengthy. Then during the 1870's the natural wealth of the country, the industrious people, further expansion beyond the Missi…