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Spanish-Mexican Period Declared Historic Cultural Monument No. 7 by the Cultural Heritage Board Municipal Art Department City Of Los Angeles
1. Historical MuseumThe museum exhibits a pictorial history of the mission, pottery, santos, trade and commerce items, together with an extensive collection of early mission baskets given by Marie and Mark Harrington. 2. Mayordomo's HouseThe f…
Rubble masonry water storage dam built by San Fernando Mission Indians in 1808. Water Flowed to the mission via a tiled pipe. Marked by Native Daughters of the Golden West, March 11, 1972
Founded in 1797 by Father Fermin Francisco Lasuen. We honor those men of faith, courage and vision who guided the founding of the mission and also those who have preserved it for posterity.
Born in Victoria, Spain - 1736. Joined the Franciscan Order in 1751. Sent to the College of San Fernando in Mexico City in 1759. Labored in Mexico and Baja, California until 1775. Spent 10 years at Mission San Diego. Selected 2nd Presidente …
A replica of one in Cordoba, Spain; was built around 1812-1814 and was part of the water system in San Fernando Mission garden. 100 years later this garden was the property of Mr. Leslie C. Brand, who donated a part of it to Los Angeles for a p…