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Presented to Curtis Bros. for their outstanding leadership and service to the public by the Basset Furniture Industries. The chair made of solid Honduras mahogany is 19½ feet tall and weighs 4600 pounds. Designer: Leo M. JiranekBuilder: J.…
Re-dedication April 25, 2006.This community landmark represents the Curtis Companies long standing allegience to the neighborhood and steadfast committment to unity, prosperity and good will to all Washingtonians and friends of Anacostia.Designers…
Here stood Frederick Douglass' rustic retreat from domestic society, where he could think, read and write undisturbed. Evoking the image of a lion's lair, he called his hideaway the Growlery. It was simply furnished with a lounge, a high desk and …
Original Federal Boundary StoneDistrict of ColumbiaPlaced 1791-1792Protected by Our Flag ChapterDaughters of the American Revolution1916
Original Federal Boundary StoneDistrict of ColumbiaPlaced 1791-1792Protected by Capt Molly Pitcher ChapterDaughters of the American Revolution1916
Original Federal Boundary StoneDistrict of ColumbiaPlaced 1791-1792Protected by Dist. of Co. ChapterDaughters of the American Revolution1916
In war and in peace, in commerce and in travel, in rescue and discovery, in fisheries and in research, this nation has forged a bond with and a dependence on the sea. This monument of waves and gulls memorializes our national life at sea. It is de…
Dedicated by Maryland State Society, Daughters of the American Revolution, April 21, 1934. Growing on land that was once a part of Maryland and was in 1790 her gift to the United States of America for the national capitol, the 31 trees in this gro…
In honor of those who served to forge the heritage of the United States Navy.In tribute to those who perished to provide peace and security for our maritime nation. In gratitude to those now serving.
Here in the presence of Washington and Lincoln, one the Eighteenth Century father and the other the Nineteenth Century preserver of our nation, we honor those Twentieth Century Americans who took up the struggle during the Second World War and mad…