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Massachusetts: Massachusetts Bay Colony—Tercentenary Commission Markers

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1630 - 1930 Benjamin Tarr House — Answering a sudden alarm to meet at the house of Lieutenant Benjamin Tarr, grandson of Richard Tarr the first settler, sixty-six men from this village under Captain John Rowe, marched to Charlestown and fought in the …
Due east from here on July 16 1605 the Sieur De Monts sent Samuel De Champlain ashore to parley with some Indians. They danced for him and traced an outline map of Massachusetts Bay. These French explorers named this promontory, The Cape of Islands.
Near by stood the house built in 1639 by Robert Pike, a leader in civil and military affairs who represented Salisbury for thirty-seven years in the general court.
Early name Colchester settled in 1638. Name changed to Salisbury in 1640 in compliment to is Puritan clergyman William Worcester of Salisbury, England
The First Settlement - 1635. . Westward to the meetinghouse along the sunny slope of this ridge the settlers of Concord built their first dwellings. var plainText = document.getElementById('inscription1').innerText; document.ge…
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