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Formed from Montgomery County, 1811. Named for its many mineral springs. The birthplace of CSA Gen. John B. Hood and US Senator Richard H. Menefee. Owingsville named for Col. Thomas D. Owings. Organizer US 28th Inf. Reg., 1812. Associate in ownership, opera…
Two largest skirmishes of Civil War in Jefferson County occurred here Sept. 27 and 30, 1862. CSA forces, already in control of the State Capital, were threatening Louisville. In first clash the Confederates were driven back to Floyds Fork. Three days later …
Home of John Hunt Morgan"Thunderbolt of the Confederacy"Born Huntsville, Ala. 6-1-1825Killed Greeneville, Tenn. 9-4-1864Lieutenant - Kentucky Volunteers in Mexican War 1846-1847 Major General - C.S.A., 1861-1864.
Andrews lived here 1859 - 62. In 1862 he led 22 Union soldiers into Georgia to cut the railway between Marietta & Chattanooga. Their capture of the locomotive "The General" and their pursuit by Confederates was a dramatic incident of the Civil War.
Marker front:Born in Pine Knot, Ky. on Nov. 23, 1881. Enlisted in U.S. Army, 1901. In 1907, Cpl. Ward was assigned by the Signal Officer to take charge of "all matters pertaining to military ballooning, air machines, and all kindred subjects." He became fir…
Marker Front:Frances E. Beauchamp(1857-1923)This Madison Co. native spearheaded the antiliquor crusade in Ky. and was a leading figure in temperance movement nationwide. A protegee of famed Frances E. Willard, Beauchamp lectured on dry cause throughout the …
CSA Gen. John H. Morgan ordered Col. D.W. Chenault's regiment to burn the railroad trestle here, Dec. 29, 1862. This and destruction of two trestles at Muldraugh's Hill, the previous day, put L&N railroad, the main USA supply line, out of use for critical p…
Daniel Boone attended, Squire, Jr., Samuel, and Mary Boone baptized here. Church name changed, 1790, from Howard's Creek to Providence. William Bush, a member of Boone's second Ky. expedition, built the present stone structure of native limestone. United Ba…
Here on May 14, 1825, General LaFayette was entertained by Major John Keene who had served as his aide-de-camp during the Revolutionary War.
[ Front: ]Albert Benjamin ChandlerThis colorful orator and two-term governor began his law practice in Versailles. As governor, he was driving force behind establishment of the University of Kentucky Medical Center, later named in his honor. "Happy" Chandle…
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