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Texas 1936 Centennial Markers and Monuments

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Founder of Clarksville ◊ Born in Tennesee, 1798 ◊ Died in Clarksville, 1838
In 1844 A.J. Beck, Henry Beck Wilson Fogleman, A.H. Henry W.T. Patton, Ed. King settled in this vicinity A Methodist church was organized in 1845 with Rev. J.W. Fields as pastor A.H. Henry, Ed. King, stewards, A.H. Henry Sunday School Superinten…
The J.H. McCleskey No. 1 Discovery Well of the Ranger Pool was drilled by Warren Wagner under the supervision of W.K. Gordon of the Texas Pacific Coal and Oil Company, July 2 - October 17, 1917. Initial production was three million feet of gas. Abandoned Ma…
First settled in 1854 by five families, the county, created and organized 1856, was named for Comanche Indians, Lords of Texas frontier, who were losing hunting grounds to settlers. First county seat was Cora. Comanche has been county seat since July 18,…
Established by Brevet Colonel Sturgis acting under orders of Lieutenant General Charles Griffin, Commander Sixth U.S. Cavalry and Commander Frontier Area, for whom named. Headquarters of Companies A, F, & G, 11th Infantry and two companies 4th Cavalry, U.S.…
Here General Thomas J. Rusk with 200 Texans on October 16, 1838, attacked a band of hostile Indians and allied Mexicans, molestors of frontier settlements, and routed them.
Formed from Crockett County. Created April 1, 1887. Organized July 9, 1901. Named in honor of Gustav Schleicher, 1823-1879. Pioneer German settler, member of the Texs Legislature, member of the United States Congress. County seat, El Dorado. First bale of c…
Privates Gregg, William Max, W. H. Kilpatrick and other soldiers who met death in this region while serving under General R. S. MacKenzie, Fourth U.S. Cavalry, 1871-1872 and 1874-1875. With no hope of honor if victorious; no dream of mercy if they fell; and…
Here behind extensive breastworks Major Thomas M. Anderson, Tenth U.S. Infantry, maintained a supply camp for the Cavalry under General Ranald S. Mackenzie, Fourth U.S. Cavalry, who in 1874-1875 forced the Indians of the region onto reservations and opened …
Formed from Young and Bexar Territories Created August 21, 1876 Organized April 15, 1903 Dickens, County Seat
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