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Oregon Trail

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Immediately west of here you will cross a small canyon that Oregon Trail emigrants regarded as their most dangerous exposure to Indians. After 1854, they had good reason to be alarmed. Wagon traffic has ruined important traditional Indian trails. Uncou…
In this defile on August 10, 1862 a band of Shoshone Indians ambushed an Immigrant Train bound for Oregon killing nine white men and wounding six.
After their meals were cooked and their livestock grazed, eany (sic)(Many?) pioneers took time to record their presence on this and other rocks in the area. The land around Register Rock was a common camping area along the Oregon and California trails. It h…
After the arrival of the first settlers of Chesterfield in 1875, covered wagon trains continued to use the Old Oregon Traill of 1846 which passed this point. Tired discouraged and ill, travelers arrived here from early spring to late autumn. Local pioneers …
The Old Oregon Trail. The Oregon Trail, stretching from Missouri to the Pacific, served as the most important route for settlers traveling west. As many as 1600 wagons a day rumbled over the famous route. The northwestern most extension of the Oregon Trail …
The Great Westward Migration. . Never in history had so many moved voluntarily over such a distance. Look at the wagon wheel ruts in front of you. During the Great Western Migration more than 400,000 people packed up their goods and dreams and headed out ov…
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