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Built 1930Old Town FairfaxThe home was built on top of the Manassas Gap Railway right-of-way which was the railway started before the Civil War. This railway construction was disbanded during the Civil War. The house was renovated in 1992 by Dr. J…
Built 1895Old Town FairfaxThis vernacular, commercial building is a typical example of construction at the turn of the century.
Built 1900Old Town FairfaxThis vernacular, commercial building is a typical example of construction at the turn of the century.
Built 1895Old Town FairfaxAn example of venacular commercial architecture, a popular construction type at the turn of the century.
Built 1900Old Town FairfaxThe Fairfax Herald was established in 1882 by Capt. S.R. Donohoe, who, in 1904 moved it to this small, one-story frame structure. The Herald remained in operation until 1966.
Built 1812Old Town FairfaxThis is the oldest house in the City of Fairfax and the first city-owned building to be placed on the National Register of Historic Places (1973). The oldest section of the house, the eastern portion, was built by Richard…
Built c.1840Old Town FairfaxDuring his March 1863 raid, Ranger John S. Mosby searched here, with no success, for the Union mercenary Col. Percy Wyndham who had called Mosby a horse thief. Mosby had replied that the only horses he had every stolen …
On June 1. 1861, the first major skirmish of the Civil War occurred on the main street of Fairfax Court House. In the pre-dawn hours 50 men of Co. B, Second U.S. Cavalry, led by Lt. Charles H. Tomkins, rode into town firing their weapons. As Capt.…
Built 1800Old Town FairfaxThis building is on the National Register of Historic Places. George and Martha Washington's wills were recorded here and still remain in this complex. Confederate President Jefferson Davis reviewed strategy in the tavern…
Built c.1830Old Town FairfaxThe first skirmish of the Civil War occurred on Main Street June 1, 1861. Ex-Governor, "Extra Billy" Smith, a civilian, ran from this house to take charge of the Warrenton Rifles. Their commanding officer, Capt. John Qu…