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"Let us here today, in the spirit of the brethren who built it more than a century ago, rededicate this building to the advancement of peace among nations...to the brotherhood of all mankind." From address delivered by J. Millard Tawes, Governor o…
Organization 3rd Alabama Infantry 5th Alabama Infantry 6th Alabama Infantry 12th Alabama Infantry 26th Alabama Infantry September 17, 1862 On the night of September 16, Rodes' Brigade bivouacked in the field east of Piper's house. On the …
This cast iron rifle with its band of wrought iron reinforced the breech was a modern weapon of the day. It was effective at moderately long range. The 20-pounder, similar except for size, was the heaviest rifled cannon used at Antietam.
This was one of the most accurate weapons used here. It was preferred over the heavier 10-pounder Parrott which fired the same size ammunition.
Commonly known as the "Napoleon," this smoothbore was the favored artillery piece in both armies throughout the Civil War. Although it was used at moderate range with explosive shell, it was especially effective at short range with canister shot.
Although of Mexican War vintage this smoothbore was still being used by many Confederate batteries at Antietam.
Lee's Battalion of nineteen cannons were positioned on this high ground and for over three hours fired toward the soldiers and artillery of the Union First and Twelfth Corps. Lee's gunners were under constant fire from the north, and on their flan…
Below the Mason-Dixon Line, above the Potomac, and at the Heart of the Civil War.The Civil War, its causes, and the aftermath have shaped our country's cultural landscape in countless ways. The significance of the Civil War in north-central Maryl…
"They fed horses all my corn and pasture that had not been previously ruined by the soldiers during the skirmishing and progress of the battle."Joshua NewcomerThis farmhouse, owned by Joshua Newcomer during the mid-1800s, witnessed the Battle of …
After stunning victories at Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville, Virginia, early in May 1863, Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee carried the war through Maryland, across the Mason and Dixon Line and into Pennsylvania. His infantry marched north throug…
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