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This is the Wishing Well Made Famous By The Song "There's a Small Hotel With a Wishing Well" by Rodgers & Hart.
The old part of this plot is also known as the Dunkard Cemetery. The 1840 will of Gideon Moore donated the property including a wall. Many early church members lie here, including its 50 year pastor, Rev. Israel Poulson.
The first burial on this former farm of John Barber, Esq. was circa 1750. Early settlers, prominent citizens, slaves, war veterans, and politicians such as U.S. Senator & NJ Governor John Lambert Sr. are buried here.
This 12-acre nonsecterian plot was established in 1729 when George Fox set aside 1/4 acre as a resting place for locals who had passed from life. Captain Daniel Bray, the Revolutionary War here is among those interred here.
Built in 1878 of cast & wrought iron by Lambertville Iron Works. One of the earliest Iron Pratt Through Truss bridges with Phoenix columns in the U.S.
Oct 6-7, 1777 New England Regiments camped nearby en route to reinforce Washington's Army near Philadelphia. June 20-23, 1778 The 12,000 man Continental Army camped in this area above Alexauken Creek prior to the Battle of Monmouth.
Established March 14, 1964. Dedicated to the founders of The Rosemont Water Co. and the Board of Directors, past and present.
Long the Sergeantsville Hotel. Gordon's Tavern in 1780. It has been the site of every town meeting since 1838. The township bought it in 1948.
19th century family graveyard. Over 100 graves of local residents. Captain Jacob Servis, aide to Gen. Washington at Yorktown buried here. Stone wall built in 1848.
The oldest and smallest N.J. Public Schoolhouse still in use. This 1872 structure replaced an 1832 octagonal building.