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In 1997, the cities of Leavenworth, Kansas and Omihachiman, Japan became Sister and Brother cities. The two cities are connected because of the civic and religious commitment of one man, Mr. William Merrell Vories. Vories was born in Leavenwort…
North Esplanade Historic DistrictIn the plat of the Town of Leavenworth, Kansas Territory, filed December 20, 1854, in the Surveyor General's Office at Fort Leavenworth, the proprietors of the town donated to the public "the perpetual use and bene…
Colonel 9th CavalryBrevet Major General, U.S.A.Born in Bangor, Me.Dec. 22, 1832Died at Fort Robinson, Neb.April 11, 1889 [Battles]Brill's Point · Charleston · SykestonNew Madrid · Point Pleasant · Island No. 10Tipton…
Colonel 3d U.S. InfantryBrevet Brig.-Gen. U.S. ArmyEstablishedFort Leavenworth May 8, 1827.Born Dec. 10, 1783Died July 21, 1834.
This National Cemeteryhas been listed inThe National RegisterofHistoric Placesby theUnited States Department of the Interior1999
Two weeks after Kansas was officially opened for settlement, the state's oldest city was born. The date was June 12, 1854, and the town was named for nearby Fort Leavenworth. In September, type for the first regular weekly newspaper in Kansas w…
[Seal of the United States Army]Built by thosewho cherish thespirit, courage andvalor of theBuffalo SoldiersHeroesPatriots Warriors - ExplorersSurveyors
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