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Friedrich Wilhelm August Heinrich Ferdinand Baron von Steuben was born September 17, 1730 in Magdeburg, Prussia (Germany) to a military family. Reared in the rigorous military school of Frederick the Great, von Steuben served with distinction in t…
There is no plaque on this monument. There are titles under the brass reliefs of historic events that surround the column.
In grateful tribute tothe sons and daughters ofWayside who served in theArmed Forces in all wars These our dead in honoredglory restDaniel R. Covert · Louis S. Gimbel, Jr.
Monmouth County Historical SiteColumbia Triumphant ParkThis granite carving of Columbia Triumphant-also known as Liberty Triumphant-was part of the original statue placed atop the monument located on nearby Court Street commemorating the June 28, …
Site ofMonmouth Court HouseUsed as HospitalJune 28, 1778.
Dedicated to the gallant men and women ofthe United States Armed Forces whoparticipated in the "Battle of the Bulge,"fought in Belgium and Luxembourg duringWorld War II. The greatest battle ever engagedin by the United States Army lasted from 16De…
James A. GarfieldTwentieth President ofThe United StatesBorn Nov 19, 1831 at Orange, OhioDied on this site, Sept. 19, 1881.
In memory ofJohn Stewart Van KirkLieutenant 141 Armored Signal Company1st Armored DivisionKilled in Action 30 November 1942Djedeida, Tunisia
Dedicated to theFort MonmouthSoldiers and CiviliansWho deployed and foughtworldwide, and to thefamilies who kept thehome fires burning bright. Operation Just Cause19 Dec 89 - 12 Jan 90 Operation Desert Storm12 Aug 90 -
Mrs. Anna Baird, developer of Hastings Square, donated the land on East Lake Avenue for this church. A 1,500 pound bell was donated by Mr. George Griffins. The structure was built of granite and interiors of light woods. It had a seating capacity …