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On the west side of the rivera little south of the causewaywas Berry's Shipyard, where theConfederate ironclad North Carolinawas built in 1862 for the protectionof the port. The ironclad Raleighwas constructed at Cassidy's Shipyard,near the foot o…
Many Confederate naval vessels, including the ironclad "North Carolina," built here. Site lies across river on Eagles Island, ? mile west.
Confederate shipyard and outfitting station which completed the ironclad steam sloop Raleigh in 1863. Site is three blocks west.
United States Senator, Confederate Attorney General, Secretary of War, & of State, later lawyer in England. His early home was here.
Major general in the Confederate Army, lieut. colonel in Mexican War, general in Egyptian Army, 1870-79. His birthplace was 1 bl. W.
Confederate senator, 1862-64, and attorney general, 1864-65. Home was 2 blocks E.; grave is ½ mile northeast.
Confederate spy and Washington society woman. Drowned near Fort Fisher in 1864, while running Federal blockade. Grave 1 m. N.E.
Capt. U.S.S. "Kearsarge", which sank Confederate raider "Alabama", 1864, rear admiral U.S. Navy, 1870-1873. Birthplace was one block west.
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